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– 3Day Retreats

with 21Day program follow thru

Sept. 21-23/May – Awakening the Spirit/Body – Blue Dragon Qigong

21Day Qi Cultivation-after Immortal Qigong Retreat

October 19-21/March – Purify the Body/Mind – Bigu Qigong

21Days to Wellness –after Body/mind Retreat

November 16-18/April – Transcend the Spirit/Mind – Zhongdo / E.R.Dance

21Days Spirit Rise –after TranscenDance

January 18-20 /June- Align with the Divine/Mind – Medicine Buddha

21Days to Spiritual Elevation –after Divine Align

Feb. 15-17/July 20-22- Balance the Heart/Mind –Soul Retrieval

3Weeks to Self-Worth –after Heart/mind Retreat

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