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  • Tongue Diagnosis is a way to see into your body


    This thousands of years old technique was developed to determine dampness, dryness, internal het or cold and blood stagnation. When you come to the 3Day retreat you will learn to self assess your own tongue.

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  • Dr. Love’s real history interview


    Dr. George Love interviewed by Helane Lipson on his background, history and motivations for helping people. Learn how Dr. Love started his Boca Raton acupuncture and Chinese Medicine practice. Listen to how an introduction to the Dalai Lama in 1979 and Tibetan medicine motivated him …

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    Chinese Weight Loss system – Fuqi Bigu Lose ten pounds in ten days Historically effective and safe for all • Juice Feasting – nourishment without grains • Slimming Dragon Qigong – metabolic enhancer • Ear Magnet Reflexology – Energy balancer • Appetite suppressant tea According …

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  • Welcome to 4 Doors to Health – Health/Nutrition/Fitness/Emotions


    What to expect when you come for Evaluation & Followup 21 Days to Wellness program Evaluation and three follow-up treatments Why did you come? Questionnaire Physical pain – accident, infection, skin, addictions Emotional suffering – anxiety, depression, phobia, heart wound Digestive complaint – constipation, ulcer, IBS, …

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  • Modern Oriental Medicine and Meridian Therapy


    ARROGANCE OF WESTERN MEDICINE According to Health and Human Services figures in 1996 the number one cause of death in all ethnic groups was heart disease, including myocardial infarction, hypertension and stroke. All types of cancer was the number two cause of death. And The …

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  • Guo Lin developed Qi-Gong for Cancer


    Guo Lin walking and standing Qigong practices These are the forms used by Guo Lin to treat her own cancer, and used to treat the cancer of many others. If you have cancer, please consult with your primary health care professional before adding this to …

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  • Certification Course Ear Reflexology


      Ear Reflexology Certification online via every 2 hrs saturday 10-12 pm Online Or Correspondence Course In this 4 weekend workshop participants will learn: Part 1- 8 hours Background introduction to TCM Anatomy & Physiology Ear Massage Diagnosis Ear Probes Ear Acu- magnets Treatment …

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  • Acupuncture is only one tool of Chinese Medicine


    Welcome to Boca Raton Acupuncture What is Acupuncture? Acupuncture is the word the French Missionaries used when they saw Chinese Doctors inserting steel filiform pins into the human body. Chinese Medicine is called the Science of Longevity in China Acupuncture is called Jing …

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