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You Won’t Find Love in the Refrigerator

Love in the FridgeYou won’t find Love in the Fridge – Recipes for healthy eating
Price: $19.99

Stop Smoking Florida Freedom – Breathe EZ w/ Ear Acu-Magnets

stop smoking coverDr. Love’s Florida Freedom Chinese Stop Smoking System w/ Ear Acu-Magnets
Price: $19.99

Psycho-puncture – Move your Body to balance your Emotions

4 parts: ID of psycho-emotional issues; Acupressure tapping to break neural patterns of addiction to pain and suffering; Qigong prescriptions to reverse emotional stagnation; Emotional Release Dance to keep channels clear.
Price: $0.00

Massage Your Ears to Health

ear reflex book coverMassage Your Ears to Health – The first book for non-professionals about Ear Reflexology for self-healing. Also include section on ear Acu-Magnet Therapy
Price: $29.99

Kitchen Physician Guide to Food Therapy

food therapy coverGeorge Xavier Love, columnist for Asian Food Therapy outlines the Asian Food Therapy Guide for the rest of us.  
Price: $24.99

Healthy Prostate & Natural Remedies

new prostate bookletHealthy Prostate & Natural Remedies – Compilation of natural ways to treat swollen prostate and frequent urination
Price: $10.00

Guide to Juice Feasting

juice feast coverGuide to Juice Feasting  & Internal cleansing
Price: $9.99

Easy Weight Loss with Ear Acu-Magnets

easy weight loss cover  Dr. Love’s guide to Chinese weight loss System w/ Ear Acu-Magnets
Price: $19.99

Ear Acu-Magnets

2 EAR MAGNETS2 Pair each of 3 sizes of powerful Ear magnets
Price: $49.99

Chinese Weight Loss DIABESITY KIT – 5 Transformations

Weight loss labelWEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM Weight Loss Book – Value  $20 7 Day Detox Kit Value $45 Ear Acu-Magnets – $49 Blue Dragon Qigong DVD – $35 Black Dragon Weight Loss tea- $20 Total – $169 Bundle Price – $149 plus S&H
Price: $149.00

Chinese Stop Smoking Kit – 5Transformations

Stop Smoking labelChinese STOP SMOKING PROGRAM Stop Smoking Book value $20 Blue Dragon Qigong DVD- $35 7 Day Detox Kit – $45 Ear Acu-magnets – $49 Stop Smoking Tea – $15 Total – $164 Bundle price $149 7 days phone consult – N/C $150 value
Price: $149.00

Blue Dragon Qi-Gong DVD

BLUE DRAGON COVERDr. George Xavier Love aka Zhenwu teaches 14 exercises that activates 20 Acupuncture meridians. Includes 2nd DVD hot music video- this is why i do Qigong
Price: $34.99

7 Day Detox Kit

7 Day Detox kit5 Ingredients Blue Green Algae Agar-agar powder Cayenne/Garlic Caps Chewable Bee Pollen Tabs Stool Softener
Price: $34.99

21 Days to Wellness

21 Days to wellness coverDr. Love outlines 3 week program to change your Lifestyle. Nutrition Level Week one is preparation for juice feast in week two.  Week three is preparing and eating raw food.  You will lose 5-10 pounds in 3 weeks in a very healthy way and you will keep it off. Energy Level You will learn basic qigong exercises the first week More Info »
Price: $34.99

12 Weeks to a Well Immune System

12 weeks to well immune coverDr. Love wrote this book from experience in treating HIV+ people and in one year shifting them to HIV-  Book is in three sections.250 pgs Part 1 is How your Immune system works Part 2 is Co-factors in your Immune System Part 3 is 12 week workbook  
Price: $44.99

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