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Dr. Love is a Heart Protector


Dr. Love is the Heart Protector
Teaching you how to Govern your Heart

– *M.I.N.D. the 4Bodies – Physical/Nutritional/Emotional/Spiritual
MENTAL Mind/Body –Qi-Gong – Breathing, Meditation and Internal Exercise
IMAGE Visual/Nutrition – Food Therapy – 4 Fruits/5 Veggies, 4 Humors/5 Flavors
NATURE Psycho/Emotional –Psycho-puncture/pressure Heart Balancing
DIVINE Spiritual Philosophy – Drum/Dance, Insight Meditation, Prayer/Affirmation

4 Chambers to your House of Health

*M.E.N.D. the 4 Organ/Filters that protect the heart
– Liver/Spleen/Kidneys/Lungs –

MEDITATION – KIDNEY – filter all fluids Sweating
EXERCISE – LIVER –filter blood QIGONG EXERCISE Internal/External
NUTRITION –SPLEEN – lymph system filters toxins Cleanse Digestive Organs
DANCE – LUNGS – filter oxygen to purify blood Open Skin Pores

Nutritional health – Asian Food Therapy
Physical health – Blue Dragon Qigong
Emotional health – Psycho-puncture
Spiritual health – Drum/Dance

Register for Retreats- Qigong Sept. 21-23 & Purify Oct. 19-21

– 21 Days to Life Redesigned
3Weeks to Self-Worth -after Heart/mind Retreat
21Days to Wellness -after Body/mind Retreat
21Day Qi Cultivation-after Immortal Qigong Retreat
21Days Spirit Rise -after TranscenDance

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