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What is 5 Transformations?

5 Transformations is self-examining 5 systems of the body through 4 layers.

The 5 Systems are Digestive, Respiratory, Hormonal, Immune and Circulatory.

The 4 Layers are Physical Balance, Herbal Food Therapy, Emotional Balance and Spiritual Balance.

Physical Balance is re-learning how to breathe, walk and internal exercise with Medical Qi-Gong and when to eat, rest and sleep. Herbal Food Therapy is the knowledge of how to extract life energy from food, water, air and the earth, take vitamins and supplements. Emotional Balance is the role of emotions and how they flow to prevent being stuck in anger, fear, sadness, grief or worry. Spiritual Connection is elevating your animal nature to human nature to Divine nature with drumming and dancing using light, sound, rhythm and movement to restore your Balance.

5 Transformations is 5 different weekend workshops that teaches juice feasting and how to self-diagnose and self-treat through 4 Chambers that Protect the Heart and continues for three weekly follow-up sessions.

The 4 Chambers are Spleen, Lung, Kidneys and Liver.

5 Transformations are:
Sept. 21-23 repeats May 2013 – Awakening the Spirit/Body – Blue Dragon Qi Gong

October 19-21 repeats March 2013 – Purify the Body/Mind – Bigu Energized Fasting

November 16-18 repeats April – Transcend the Spirit/Mind – Drumming Meditation & Emotional Release E.R. Dance

January 18-20 repeats June- Align with the Divine/Mind – Medicine Buddha Meditation

Feb. 2013 repeats in July  – Balance the Heart/Mind – Psycho-Puncture/Pressure & Soul Retrieval Dance

We have 3 follow-up sessions after each weekend to reverse your co-created dis-ease and the aging process, restore your sex drive and energy levels and regulate your sleep/wake cycles.

5 Transformations is the start to Life Redesigned. Tangible results are discernible in as little as three days. However, it often takes 6 -18 months for average health and longer for poor health.

If I can’t make time for this group 5 Transformations can I start by myself?
Yes, we teach self-healing courses, retreats, and workshops.

How do I sign up for these self-healing courses?
Join Blue Dragon Qi-Gong Academy for:
• Advanced Medical Qi-Gong & Ear Reflexology
• Food Therapy and Herbal Nutrition
• Psycho-pressure
• Meridian Qigong

To enroll in Blue Dragon Qi-Gong Academy call 561-450-5204.

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