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Prevention is the only Cure!


5 Secrets They don’t want you to know about Prevention

#1. Food
Legally, we have toxic waste mixed with Fertilizer and spread over our farmland. This contaminates our rivers, streams and ground water supply. We cannot avoid these poisons in our food supply. The only solution is to buy organic fruits and vegetables. If the nutrients are not in the soil then they are not in the food. Vitamins and supplements are absolutely required to maintain and prevent degenerative disease. But they must be from food source and not synthetic.
Juice organic vegetables every day after Qi-Gong!

#2. Breathing
You can go 40 days without food, fourteen days without water but only 4 minutes without air. So the most important thing you can do is breathe. When you take a deep breath your lungs expand and you are giving your heart a hug. A hug calms you down, slows your heart rate and lowers blood pressure. Take ten Deep Breaths several times a day! Learn Qi-Gong breathing

#3. Exercise
Exercise is important but we have resistance to moving and sweating or feel it is boring. We have resistance to buying special clothes and paying gym memberships. Exercise builds the immune system by creating an artificial fever, which kills bacteria, virus, fungus and parasites. Through sweating we eliminate toxins and clean skin. Slow moving, meditative exercise called Tai Qi Gong is so easy and fun. Can be done in a chair or standing. Tai Qi Gong exercises include Soft Bouncing, walking meditation, swing arms, internal exercises, breathing and Dancing.
Qi Gong exercise every day 42 minutes!

#4. Body Tune-up
Massage is important to blood circulation, muscle relaxation, nervous and lymphatic system.
We feel massage is a luxury but in reality it is a necessity. We want to but think we cannot afford massage every week. Are you afraid to feel good or do you enjoy feeling bad? We can self-massage the ear, the face, arms, belly and legs. The ear is easy, accessible, and can be touched in public without scrutiny. Ear Acupressure Reflexology five 5 minutes every day!
The face can be massaged to prevent TMJ, turkey neck, lines/wrinkles, eye bags, sinus problems, vision or hearing loss. Anti-Aging facial 3 minutes every day. To reduce fat and increase digestion, Rub your belly every day! 30x clockwise Before and After each meal
Qi Gong Massage includes ear, face and belly before you get out of bed and takes nine minutes.
Qi Gong Massage every morning before Qi-Gong!

#5. Emotional Balance
Everyone suffers from stress, pain, and relationship issues. We don’t seek help because it is too difficult or too costly. We can eliminate our resistance to change. Tapping acupressure points break neural patterns of addiction, pain, avoidance, anger and any disease or emotional issue. Eliminate any sickness, suffering and pre-mature aging with Psycho-pressure tapping every day after Qi-Gong!

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