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  • Blue Dragon Qigong Training Certification


    Blue Dragon Immortal Qi Gong Academy

    Qigong Instructor Certification – 100 hours

    Moving Meditation & Breathing Exercises – 16 hours

    Qi Gong Self-Massage & Ear Reflexology – 18 hours

    Qigong Ball, Bo-Staff & Baton – 24 hours

    14 Meridian Exercises – 42 hours

    this why i love qigong

    Stomach & Spleen Qigong

    Qigong Therapist – 200 hours

    Qi Emission Exercise – 12 hours

    Psycho-puncture/Psycho-pressure – 18 hours

    Acu-pressure & Meridian therapies #2-4 – 52 hours

    Sound Healing & Tono-Puncture & Meridian therapies #6-8 – 18 hours


    April 13-14  LEVEL 2 – Instructor Certification


    Review of 14 Meridian Exercises


    Sound Healing & Tono-Puncture

    May 24-27 LEVEL 3 – Qigong Therapist Certification


    Bigu Qigong

    Food therapy

    Herbal Nutrition

    Meridian therapies

    June 7-8 LEVEL 3 – Group Leader


    Qigong Bo-Staff

    14 Meridian Exercises

    July 6-7 LEVEL 1 – Qigong Player


    Moving Meditation & Breathing Exercises

    Qi Gong Self-Massage & Ear Reflexology

    Qigong Ball & Baton


    August 24-25 LEVEL IV – Qi Healer


    Meridian Acu-pressure & Pointing Therapy

    Qi Emission Exercise


    Fees – $149 + $99 testing for each Level

    Qigong Master – 1000 hours

  • 4 Fruits 5 Vegetables


    Vegan Meal asianvegies4 Fruits & 5 Vegetables a day to prevent cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

    Intro. to Vegetarian Lifestyle and Juice Feasting.


    Nothing to buy to get started

    • 4 fruits & 5 vegetables each day= 2 lbs. Fruit, plus

    two 8 oz. salad- no iceberg or store bought tomato

    1/2 pound of sweet potatoes, squash, carrots or yellow vegetable

    1/2 pound steamed leafy greens-collards, turnip, mustard, kale

    1/2 pound beans or peas

    • EARology -Massage your ears to health

    • Chinese Yoga – 42 minutes daily plus Dao Yin exercise


    Eat all you want and lose weight

    7 day juice Feast – 8-12 oz. vegetable juice four times each day.

    Wait 15-30 minutes and say affirmation 7 times followed Qi Gong

    Eat as much as you want from list of approved foods

    NO – Dairy, Flour –wheat or corn, Fried, Salt or sugar, animal fat, Caffeine-soda, tea or coffee, hydrogenated fats or oil, eating out in restaurants




    Grains         –         1 Lbs/Day or .5 lb. 2-3 x/day

    Fruit                  –         2 Lbs/Day or         1 lb. 2-3 x/day

    Beans         –         1/2 Lb /Day or  .5 lb. daily

    Greens         –         1.5 Lbs/Day or .75 l. 2x/day

    Water          –         8 oz. 12x/day

    Tea                  –         9-12 oz. w/ each meal

                               Total          –         5 Lbs/Day

    Eat Breakfast like a King, lunch like a Prince, and dinner like a Pauper.



    9 a Day to Prevent Cancer, Heart disease and Diabetes

    4 Red/blue/purple Fruits Daily 1/2 pound of each


    Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries, Blackberries

    Peaches, Nectarines, Plums, Mangoes

    5 Vegetables Daily 1/2 pound of each

    1 Serving Whole Grains & 1 Serving of Beans, Peas or Seeds

    8 Rice varieties – Wild, Brown, Basmati, Lundborg, Sweet

    Other Grains – Barley, Millet, Oats

    16 Beans – Red, Black, Lentil, Garbanzo, Black eyed, Gunga, Pinto

    Black Beans & Yellow Rice

    Black Eyed Peas & Dirty Rice

    Red Beans & White Rice

    Lentils & Rice

    Soy Beans & Rice

    Gunga Peas & Rice

    Mung Beans & Rice

    1 or 2 Servings Leafy Green Vegetables-

             Spinach, Kale, Chard, Collards, Mustard, Turnip, Dandelion

    1 or 2 Servings Raw Salad Greens

    Mesclun, baby Greens, sprouts, Raddichio,

    1 Serving of Yellow Vegetables

             Sweet Potatoes, Squashes, Pumpkin, Corn, Carrots, turnips


    Avoid Meat & Dairy especially chicken because various bacterias in chicken causes cancer.

    Meat – limit 3 oz. per day. Boil for ten minutes to release impurities and fat then refrigerate for ten minutes to congeal fat.  Remove fat then shred the meat and mix with vegetables. Better at breakfast, at lunch makes you sleepy and at Dinner eating meat creates stagnation. Cook with onions and mushrooms and garlic to detoxify.

    Dairy excess – creates damp and internal heat –  Substitute Soy or Rice milk/cheese/margarine.  No difference in mucus but creates internal cold and damp. Excessive use of tofu creates excess cold & damp

    Dairy addiction -cook rosemary and thyme with each meal.

    Order a case of rice milk, Almond Milk, Coconut Milk or Soy.

    Drink Green Tea after each meal.  Lowers cholesterol, blood sugar, prevents cancer and tooth decay

    Sugar  – Limit 3 tsp daily

    For sugar addiction use chlorophyll and green powders daily.

    Honey – 3 tbsp/day.   Substitute Stevia.  Cook with sorghum,

    Barley Malt, Rice syrup,

    Order Stevia.

    BREAD Flour   – Substitute, whole grain, sprouted, flourless, millet, spelt.

    21 Days to Wellness Program with optional

    7—21 day Juice Feast to Detoxify

    liver, kidneys, spleen and strengthen lungs.

    Also Detoxify electro-magnetic radiation poisoning and negative thinking.

    Learn Self-diagnosis of face, tongue, posture and emotions.

    Learn Psycho-puncture/Psycho-pressure emotional stress therapy Divine Dance, food therapy, herbal nutrition, Meridian Qi Gong, and acupressure self massage.

    21 Days to Wellness Juice Feast

    each week one day fruit juice

    each month three days green clean

    seasonal change seven day juice feast

    once a year 21 Days juice feast

    Stop Cravings Now


    Carbs – 5 HTP

    Sugar – spirulina

    Dairy – rosemary & thyme

    Chocolate – carob

    Smoking – strong tea

    Coffee – ginseng tea/yerba mate/teecino

    Fried – baked

    Broiled anything other than fish causes cancer

  • 4Doors to Health- Part 3


    4 Doors to Healing Therapy





    Heat, Pressure, Suction, Scraping, Magnets, Electricity, Light, Sound, Laser and Pins

    Ear Acu-Magnet Reflexology

    Tuina Medical Massage


    MEDITATION – Re-Programming Subconscious ANTs & SDBs*

    *Automatic negative thoughts and Self-destructive behaviors


    DIVINE ALIGNMENT – Integration of Body/mind, heart/mind and spirit/mind


    4 Methods of Enlightened Healing

    • Emotional AID center – AET, Light & Sound Machine with Counseling
    • Nutritional Aid – Food therapy, supplementation with counseling
    • Physical Aid – Facial Rejuvenation, Bodywork and Meridian Therapy
    • Spiritual Aid – Spiritual Chi Gong Therapy with Counseling


  • 4Doors to Health- part 1


    4 Doors to YOUR House of Health

    Freedom of choice – Prevention or Therapy


    4 Doors to Preventive Health

    Lifestyle – Breathing, Meditation & movement Exercise

    Diet – Medicinal Food & Herbal Nutrition

    Emotional Balance – Psycho-pressure & Emotional Release Dance

    Spiritual Connection – Chakra Dance and Soul Retrieval


    4 Areas of concern

    Nutrition – feeding yourself nutrient dense foods with high water/fiber content

    Physical – breathing, meditation  & exercise

    Emotional – Positive Emotional relationships w/family friends and god

    Spiritual – Thoughts, feelings & attitudes towards self in connection to all beings


    4 ways to get sick

    • Toxins in air, water soil & food

    • Environmental toxins, Electro-magnetic radiation, exposure to infection & over exposure to climatic influence from damp, cold, windy and dryness

    • Injuries from pre-disposed weakness from poor posture, lack of rest/exercise

    • Poor choices of lifestyle from compulsive eating, working, drinking & sex due to ignorance, arrogance and greed


    4 Bodies of Health

    • Nutritional –Juice feasting & Food therapy

    • Physical –Ear Reflexology & Daoist Yoga

    • Emotional –Psycho-Puncture & Psycho-pressure

    • Spiritual –Divination Dance/Drum Meditation


    4 Methods of Self-Healing

    • Drumming meditation and Taiji pole dance

    • Self-healing massage and Ear Reflexology

    • Healing teas and food

    • Qi Gong and Visualization



    4 Doors to Enlightened Healing

    • Awakening the Healer within- Qigong & Ear Reflexology

    • Soul Retrieval with Psycho-puncture & Drumming Meditation

    • Purification with Juice Feasting and sweating

    • Spirit Trance’n’Dance



  • 5Transformations explained



  • Dr. Love Minute for Health – Gum Abcess


    Gum abcess click heretooth repair2

  • Dr. Love Minute for Health


    Dr. Love Minute for Health – TMJ

  • Dr. Love’s Health Minute- Thymus THump


    Health Minute with Dr. Love

  • Self-Healing


     Why do you make choices

    that do not serve your

    highest and best good?

    The mind that made you sick is not the mind that can make you well.


    You require a teacher or guide. Medicine Buddha teachings are my spiritual path. Sickness, Suffering, Old Age and Death are preventable through Meditation on the eightfold path and the six virtues. Undisciplined habits of eating, drinking and lifestyle lead to sickness. Three demons and three poisons lead to suffering. Seven deadly emotions and six energy thieves lead to old age. Ego clinging and not understanding the true nature of reality leads to Death. When you are ready to seek your path to living, health and wisdom, I am the sign pointer along the way.


    I thought my purpose in life was to lift people up. But I cannot help people who do not want to be helped. I can only help people who ask for my help. Today I was reminded by an old friend that my purpose is not to lift people up but to only live my life and teach by example. Drinking tea and teaching healthy lifestyles that prevents chronic and degenerative disease gives me joy. Drumming and Dancing put me into spiritual alignment. Would you pay to learn the prevention lifestyle?


    If offered a choice between two doors marked Heaven and Lecture on Heaven which would you enter? Would you pay for the lecture or the experience?


    Study and Understanding of Self is the first step. Utilizing Psycho-puncture by identifying the self-created issues, your CHP* and your APP*s we can self-regulate. We can eliminate Self-Destructive Behaviors and Automatic Negative Thinking with Psycho-pressure. Psycho-pressure is an acu-pressure tapping method to break neural patterns of addiction to sickness, pain and suffering.


    Qi Gong, breathing and meditation self regulates structure, nervous system, endocrine glands and lymphatic system. Structure determines function. Neuro-endocrine system determines mental acuity and emotional balance. Lymphatic system helps detoxification and immune function. Qigong is the self-repair mechanism that should be taught as elementary education. Qigong is self-discipline.


    Juicing with vegetable juices and Internal cleansing will heal your organs through detoxification and purification. Fasting from news, cars, electric light, internet, stove and fridge will put you back in harmony with your true nature. Going back to nature by camping, canoeing or hiking will put you in touch with G-d.


    Three steps of Psycho-puncture/psycho-pressure, Medical Qigong and Juicing/Fasting will integrate and harmonize the Jing, Qi and Shen aka Three treasures.

    To learn the glossary of terms and how to create discipline for a new life come to an open house monthly at Love Chinese Medicine or just call for an appointment


    *CHP – Cultural Historical Psychology (ie. Family history)


    *APP – Awareness Perception and Perspective

  • Can You Avoid your own Health crisis?


    Are you willing to pay Higher medical insurance coverage and Higher doctor bills? Are you willing to pay Higher pharmaceutical prices?

    After 45 your muscles, knees and hips are the first to go

    After age fifty your lymph & kidney function starts to slow

    After 55 your wrinkles start to show

    After age sixty your skin, hair, hearing and vision are next to go

    After 65 your teeth and bones go weak

    After age seventy, freedom from painful joints you seek

    Aging has a cost but you can be the boss by opening your heart to healing and happiness at Blue Dragon Qigong Academy where health smart kids make happy adults & health smart adults make happy seniors

    Health Literacy for parents and kids at Blue Dragon Qi-Gong Academy

    HEALTH SMART KIDS learn to prevent cough, cold and flu so Mom doesn’t have to miss a day at work

    HEALTH SMART TEENS learn to prevent headaches, neck, shoulder and back pain so they don’t miss a class at school

    HEALTH SMART PARENTS learn to prevent diabetes and heart disease so they can avoid medication

    HEALTH SMART SENIORS learn to prevent colon, prostate, breast and lung cancer so they can live long enough to see grandkids graduate

    HEALTH SMART WOMEN learn facial rejuvenation, physical flexibility and emotionally balanced eating

    HEALTH SMART ADULTS learn internal exercises leading to inner wisdom


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