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  • Acupuncture is only one tool of Chinese Medicine


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    What is Acupuncture?


    Acupuncture is the word the French Missionaries used when they saw Chinese Doctors inserting steel filiform pins into the human body.

    Chinese Medicine is called the Science of Longevity in China

    Acupuncture is called Jing Luo or Meridian Therapy

    What is a meridian?

    A defined pathway that carries qi through the body. Meridians can be stimulated by heat, pressure, Acupuncture, suction, magnets, soundwaves and light.  Qi-Gong Player/ practitioners transmit Qi through hands.

    What is Qi?

    Electro-magnetic energy that flows through body like blood

    What is Gong?

    Mastering your energy through exercise

    Who is an acupuncturist?

    A person that performs the insertion of Pins into meridians for healing

    Who is Dr. George Love?

    A Daoist Qigong Master and a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, not limited to Acupuncture.  He performs all of the aspects of Traditional  Oriental Medicine including Japanese, Korean and Tibetan. He is a Medicine Buddha (Tibetan) meditation instructor. He is an Herbal Shaman making medicinal elixirs.

    8 Limbs of Classical Chinese Medicine

    1. Diagnosis
    2. Breathing
    3. Meditation
    4. Exercise
    5. Massage
    6. Food
    7. Herbs
    8. Meridian Therapy – Heat, Pressure, Sound Waves, Magnets, Cupping, Gwasha, Red Light, Laser, Pins, Electro-stim


    8 Limbs of Love Chinese Medicine

    1. Advanced Medical Tai Chi Gong
    2. Juicing & Food therapy
    3. Herb Therapy
    4. Emotional Release Dance
    5. Acupuncture
    6. Massage
    7. 21 Days to LifeChange
    8. Self-Healing Education

    Chinese Medicine is more than Acupuncture

    Dr. Love’s Treatment is 8 unique procedures

    1.  Chinese Medical massage as a diagnostic technique – $75 Value
    2.  Painless pin insertion and breathing exercises – $90 Value
    3.  Psycho-puncture to resolve stagnant qi – $95 Value
    4.  Neck muscle/tendon/ligament relaxation – $35 Value
    5.  Ear/Scalp Massage (Ear Reflexology) and TMJ therapy – $60 Value
    6.  After pin removal, sacral bone pump/hip flexor stretch – $25 Value
    7.  Heart Chakra Opening – $25 Value
    8.   Herbal medicine Consult –  $95 Value

    $125 per treatment ($500 value) or 4 TX = $369


  • Reality Radio show with Qigong student Pat Field



    5 Qi Transformations with special guest Pat Fields 


    THis show has over  1,850 downloads in last 2 weeks

    Why Qigong and how it transformed his weight loss, posture energy and sex life

    green dragon




     5 Colors, Five Flavors

    If you eat all of the colors and/or five flavors daily you will never get sick.

    Salt, Sweet, Sour, Bitter and Pungent

    Salty flavor comes from sea vegetables color black when dries

    Sweet flavor from yellow vegetables like carrots, yams, sweet potatoes, squash

    Sour flavor red from pomegranate and persimmon, sour cherry

    Bitter flavor from leafy greens

    Pungent flavor from white onions, garlic, leeks, shallots


    The acid-alkaline balance of our food is also very important. Foods that are

    pH-balanced will not putrefy quickly, and the eater will be able to extract

    the maximum amount of nutrition available from those foods. If the food

    we eat is not pH-balanced, it starts to putrefy as soon as it enters the

    digestive tract. The body, instead of benefiting from the nutrients in the

    food, absorbs the poisons resulting from the putrefaction.

    Old Chinese saying “Don’t eat food more than 24 hours old, because it is wrecked”.

    The number one cancer in China and Japan is stomach cancer from eating spoiled food.

  • Tao of Revitalization with Medical Qigong



    Medical Qigong aka The Science of Longevity

    The Internal Qi-Gong Exercises direct the innate healing power to specific internal organs and glands to energize the entire body, balance the energy level, and promote a more effective functioning of the internal organs, in order to

    heal, adjust, correct, and above all prevent disease.

    There are three categories of Internal Exercises.


    The first category of Internal Exercises includes those designed to

    correct sitting, reclining, walking, and working postures, to facilitate

    healing. These exercises are the Five Animal Exercises, Eight Directional

    Exercises, 4 Directions Qigong and Tea cup Qigong. Also included are the basic exercises known as the the Soaring Crane Exercise, Deer and the Turtle Exercise.


    The second category is 14 Meridian Meditation that also includes

    Microcosmic Orbit Meditation, or simply Taoist Contemplation. A

    tremendous healing art, 14 Meridian Exercise is used to adjust, balance,

    and elevate the energy level in the body. By meditating on the pathways of

    energy in the body, anatomically known as the meridians, a person is able

    to feel the energy flow along these pathways and balance the energies

    within the body. The mind, body, and spirit are completely integrated, and

    the individual is completely enlivened.


    Acupuncture and acupressure techniques, which originated from 14 Meridian Exercises, are used to help others, whereas Meridian Meditation is used to heal oneself.


    The third category of Internal Exercises concerns energy breathing

    techniques. Through these techniques, energy can be absorbed through the

    acupuncture points which lie atop the meridians which traverse the body.

    Energy breathing is a vital step in self-healing and in forming an indivisible

    link with the energy permeating the universe.


  • Tao of Philosophy of Living Harmoniously and Healthfully




    The Tao of Philosophy discloses the logic underlying the way life

    unfolds and the purpose of destiny. It is a collection of guidelines that is

    used by the individual as well as the collectivity for attaining success and

    spiritual elevation. Based on the spiritual discovery of hidden but ever-

    permeating and reliable laws of this universe, the Tao of Philosophy

    provides detailed information on the proper methods of government and

    fosterage of social development and individual well-being.

    My favorite Lao Tzu Quotes

    Lao Tzu was the most important spiritual Chinese sage. His name, which is also often called Laozi, literally means “Old Master” and is generally considered an honorific.

    He lived in the 6th century BC, at the same time as Confucius, who was born a generation after Lao Tzu. He once sought out Lao Tzu who told him “Strip yourself of your proud airs and numerous desires, your complacent demeanor and excessive ambitions. They won’t do you any good. This is all I have to say you.”

    Lao Tzu is the father of the Chinese spiritual tradition Taoism, mainly because of his text called Tao te Ching (Tao: the way of all life, te: the fit use of life by men, ching: text or classic).

    It is based on the Tao (The Way), which is the creator and sustainer of all things in the Universe, and the practice of doing by nondoing (wu-wei) that enables the disciple to unite with the Tao.

    Lao Tzu wrote his only book Tao Te Ching just before he walked away from the Chou empire he served. There are a lot of translations of Tao te Ching, which begins with the very first words of …


    1. “The tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao.”[Tweet this!]

    This first sentence of his teachings seems paradoxical. In my humble opinion it says that everything that is in the world of form (or the world of the ten thousand things, as the Chinese said) is not the formless animating source, which is not nameable. It is like the analogy of the finger pointing to the moon, which is a pointer, but not the moon itself. Whenever the Tao is named, it is labeled and made into a concept which is not the eternal Toa itself.
    If you are interested, Wayne Dyer did a complete interpretation of the Tao te Ching called Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life: Living the Wisdom of the Tao.

    2. “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”

    Really a quote to think about. How can that be in the first place: there is no rush and no hurry, but everything works out. Grass does not try to grow, it just grows. Water does not try to flow, it just flows. The only explanation is that everything is done in a naturally perfect way, without resistance and within the flow of life …

    3. “Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power.”

    The Inside-Out approach tells us to start with the man in the mirror. Self-mastery is the basis for success, for yourself as well as with others.

    4. “To see things in the seed, that is genius.”

    To me this means nothing else as being able to form a personal vision for something. Genius for that matter, is to see the potential in something or someone, although not realized yet (“in the seed”). It is the essence of forming a vision of what might be and then going on making it real.

    5. “When the best leader’s work is done the people say: We did it ourselves.”

    A leader is not a good leader if he is so ego-driven that he is always standing in front of his team, and is letting the team feel it. The most empowering way is to inspire people so that they become able to realize their own potential.

    6. “When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.”

    Non-attachment – even or especially to ones own self-image – is the necessity for personal change. If we are open to change and to new possibilities and perspectives, without buying into them blindly, we can grow.

    7. “To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.”

    This is a realization that can be understood intuitively if we practice meditation and/or are able to quiet the mind of the constant chatter of thoughts.

    8. “Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.”

    This emphasizes that getting started is often the hardest part of the journey. Even the greatest thing is started and then continued by single little steps, one after another. It also has the very practical meaning of breaking huge projects down into small and doable tasks, that then can be executed more easily.

    9. “Music in the soul can be heard by the universe.”

    In my opinion this is Lao Tzu’s expression of “intentions manifesting” or “thoughts become things”, which is also discusses widely as the secret or the law of attraction. But it is really a much more elegant way to put it :)

    10. “At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want.”

    All you need to really find yourself is to look inside. It reminds me of what Eckhart Tolle said at the beginning of The Power of Now: Those who have not found their true wealth, which is the radiant joy of Being and the deep, unshakable peace that comes with it, are beggars, even if they have great material wealth.”


  • 8 Pillars of Taoism


    8 Pillars of Taoism

    1. Philosophy of Living

    2. Revitalization

    3. Tao of Balanced Diet

    4. Tao of Forgotten Foods

    5. Art of Healing with Acupuncture Massage & Moxa

    6. Sexual Wisdom

    7. Self-Mastery

    8. Abundance

  • Tao of Forgotten Foods




    IF you have SEX daily – YOU MUST TAKE HERBS

    The food we buy in the supermarket is the weakest food available. The

    selection there is very limited if one considers the varieties of food actually

    available in the world. God created leaves, branches, trunks, and roots for

    our consumption, but they were completely overlooked by most people.

    Called “forgotten foods” by Taoists, herbs were forgotten because they

    were eliminated from our ancestors’ diets through a process of selection

    which, over the course of thousands of years, rejected foods that were

    unappealing to the eyes, nose, or mouth. When man learned to cultivate his

    own food, he naturally chose to cultivate only those foods that appealed to

    his senses. As the saying goes, we are what we eat. If we eat stronger foods,

    we become stronger ourselves. If we eat better foods, our health improves.

    But, if we eat weak foods, we become more vulnerable to diseases. When

    we compare a magnolia tree to a bunch of celery, we will see that the tree is

    much stronger than the little clump of celery. Investigating further, we will

    find that the tree is of greater medicinal value than the celery. In fact, the

    various properties of the magnolia tree build up the stomach tissues and

    strengthen the female sexual organs. Ginseng is another example of a

    strong food. It grows in cold and harsh mountainous regions, yet it can

    survive for more than a thousand years. Imagine what such great vitality

    could do for your body. (Please use discretion when ingesting ginseng. It

    must be balanced with other herbs, since it produces strong side-effects as

    well as benefits.) In sharp contrast, a carrot grows only in temperate

    climates and its lifespan is about three months. If you do not unearth it

    within three months, it will decay and disappear. Herbs give everlasting

    strength, whereas regular foods give only temporary strength.

    The foods we commonly eat and love are also eaten and loved by the

    germs in our bodies. They utilize this food (organic or junk) to maintain

    their lives just as we do. Fortunately, herbs do not nourish germs and

    human beings equally. Human beings, exercising their will power, are able

    to ingest sometimes distasteful herbs. Germs, not being blessed with will

    power, are simply repelled by herbs. When human blood is permeated with

    herbal nutrients, the germs in the body will starve to death, and the human

    body will be naturally cleansed and purified. The cleansing and purifying

    qualities that allow herbs to last for years without rotting are the greatest

    benefits to be gained from herbal diets.

    Herbs have many properties that modem science has yet to discover. The

    Academy of Sciences currently estimates that there are approximately one

    million plant varieties in the world. As yet, only an insignificant portion

    has been examined by modem means of analysis.


  • Tao of Healing Arts


    THE TAO OF HEALING ARTS – Acu-Moxa & Tuina

    Like the Tao of Revitalization, the Tao of Healing Art adjusts, balances

    and elevates vital energy. Unlike the Tao of Revitalization, which is

    primarily a means for self-healing, the Tao of Healing Art is utilized for

    healing others.

    The Tao of Healing Arts includes Acupuncture, Moxa and Tui-Na,  basically a form of massage that follows the body’s energy pathways, anatomically known as meridians, to regulate the body’s vital functions. By using the sixteen

    different handling or manipulating techniques of Tui-Na, one can also

    reposition disarranged internal organs. In conjunction with these tech-

    niques, which were designed to adapt to various pans of the body, appro-

    priate mediums can also be used. These can be any of the five fundamental

    elements: earth, metal, water, wood, or fire. Acupuncture needles (used to

    channel energy into the body) and moxibustion are two of the best known

    metal and fire mediums in the West. Acupuncture and moxibustion are

    along with Tui-Na principles and methods can heal any disease.

  • 4 Doors to Health – Part 2


    4 doors logoDr. Love’s Unlock the 4 Doors to Health

    No Matter which Door you enter first Nutritional, Physical, Emotional

    or Spiritual, they all lead to Healthy Happiness!

    4 Doors to Health & Happiness

    Door #1 – Nutritional Healing-

    Your vehicle will not run efficiently without proper fuel. What you eat fuels your body, so your food choices are important to nutritional healing.

    Door #2 – Physical Healing-

    Physical exercise affects how you feel. Sitting or walking, lounging or dancing, laying down or climbing trees all produce feelings of euphoria or inertia. Self Massage tells your body you love it.  Your physical body is the vehicle for your spirit. If you do not take care of your vehicle it can break down and your spirit will be grounded.  Acupressure is self regulating your lymph system, nervous system and immune system.

    Door #3 – Emotional Healing-

    Your thoughts color your communication with friends and co-workers. What you think about, focus on or ignore is important to achieving spiritual health.  Your thoughts can create or destroy happiness.

    Emotional Feelings affect your relationship with self.  How you feel about yourself is more important than how others feel about you. Negative emotions are stored in the body and you feel stuck. When Positive emotions flow through the body you feel like dancing.

    Door #4 – Spiritual Healing-

    You cannot have pure spirit without pure body. Meditation purifies the mind and juice feasting purifies the body. Moving meditation with Meridian Qigong opens all electro-magnetic pathways and clears all negative energy.  Spiritual healing is creating harmony between your higher and lower selves. There are four inescapable facts of Life. Since Old Age, Sickness, Suffering and Death are unavoidable, what is our purpose of Living?  The answer is declared in the U.S. constitution “Life Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”.  Happiness is Spiritual Health.


    I created this comprehensive program because everyone I knew was either unhealthy or unhappy. The answers to finding health and happiness were written by sages eons ago.  Unfortunately these answers must be re-discovered by each generation through direct experience, not by reading books.


  • 21 Days to Wellness


    21 Days to wellness coverPerhaps you could benefit from a course I have been teaching for 19 years called 21 Days to Wellness.

    This teaching is based upon 3000 years of Traditional Chinese medicine and Taoist/Buddhist philosophy.  It deals with nutritional, physical, emotional and spiritual healing.  The weekend retreat that introduces it is called Unlock the 4 Doors to Health & Happiness.  The most important thing in life is health, healing, and wholeness because without whole health you cannot enjoy or create wealth.


    21 Days to Wellness Workshop

    This is an optional detoxification and addiction fasting program done for 21 days after 4 Doors to Healthy Happiness Retreat to Enlightenment. 21 Days to Wellness will fully realize your spirit by fasting from cooked food, TV, radio, newspapers and other addictions.  You will learn the spiritual laws of success, while juice feasting and promoting the inner healer.  You well learn the Twelve Steps to LifeChange and keep the 21 Day Diary while defeating the inner destroyer.

    The workshop is 21 hours of self-directed information. Friday night we start with an evaluation of what you want to get out of your experience.  We look at poisons in the soil, water, air and food.  We look at self-created negative emotions and behavior patterns.  Then we discuss the various ways to eliminate and reverse these.

    Saturday morning we learn self-diagnosis with face, tongue and posture. Being able to self diagnose is empowering.

    Saturday afternoon we learn psycho-puncture and Emotional release dance. Dissolving your blocks to success and resolving your emotional issues are the core of the Psycho-puncture experience. The experience of Emotional Release Dance leads the way to states of ecstasy.

    Sunday morning we learn how to create a self-healing program with breathing, meditation, exercise, food, herbs, acupressure and ear reflexology. The experience of creating a Self-healing Program is uplifting.

    Sunday afternoon we learn food therapy and herbal nutrition.  Learning Herbal Nutrition and Food therapy is the support for your complete recovery and the whole health experience.

    We meet the next three Saturday mornings for two hours each.

    First Saturday we learn about the charkas and correspondences with the endocrine system and how to align them and tune them with rhythm and sound.

    Second Saturday we learn about color therapy, aromatherapy, light therapy and how to dress your spiritual vehicle

    Last Saturday we have a fruit feast and learn about sex as a path to spiritual enlightenment.

    Faced with two doors marked Heaven and Lecture on Heaven, which one will you enter? I know you don’t want to hear another lecture.  The direct experience of heaven on earth is Unlocking 4 Doors to Health and Happiness weekend retreat and having the experience of 21 Days to Wellness to fast from food and feast on health.




    Tell me and I might forget, show me and I might remember, involve me and I’ll get it!

    The purpose of this retreat is the find out where you keep your spirit when you’re not using it.  It also answers the question of whether you are a body that has a spirit or a spirit that has a body. Many wise men have said All Answers lie within. What is the question? Why am I here? What is my purpose? Am I doing what I’m supposed to? Bring your questions, doubt, confusion and uncertainty. You will take home the answers. Friday night we look at what is wrong and what we want to change.  Saturday you will find your power animal and take him/her for a walk or a fly. Saturday afternoon we find answers and create self-healing projects. Sunday we look at what we want to create and manifestation processes. Sunday afternoon we find answers to heal the past pain and hurt.


    21 Days to Wellness

    George Xavier Love, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Licensed Acupuncture Physician, Qigong Master and Herbalist empowers you to take Responsibility for your Life and Health. During this weekend workshop you will learn what you should have been taught since birth about your body, emotions, drives and food choices. †Preventively maintain your body with juice feasting daily, monthly, seasonally and yearly. ††††




    Sept. 21-23 repeats in May – Awakening the Spirit/Body – Blue Dragon Qigong

    October 19-21 repeats in March – Purify the Body/Mind – Bigu Qigong

    November 16-18 repeats in April – Transcend the Spirit/Mind – Zhongdo / E.R.Dance

    January 18-20 repeats in June- Align with the Divine/Mind – Medicine Buddha

    Feb. 15-17 repeats July 20-22- Balance the Heart/Mind –Soul Retrieval


    Why and How often should I do it?

    There are 5 Retreats offered twice each year.

    Why am I sick and out of balance? How can I diagnose myself? How can I treat myself? †How can I stay healthy once I detoxify? A Good Habit followed for 21 Days becomes permanent! This intensive is offered 10 times a year.

    What is Juice Feasting? When should I do it?

    Juice Feasting is part of the 21 Days to Wellness. Juice Feasting is a way of cleansing the liver and kidneys of accumulated toxic waste. †It improves the skin, brightens the eyes and sharpens the hearing. You sleep better and have more energy. It is done periodically to prevent toxic build up. †We recommend one day a week, three days each month, seven days when seasons change and 21 Days once a year.


    What is Psycho-puncture & Emotional Release Dance?

    Psychopuncture is the diagnosis of negative emotions and Daoist Dance is the re-creation of positive emotions. The Chinese described a downward spiral of the seven deadly emotions two thousand years ago that still stands the tests of time. †Emotions that are held tightly (not released) are stored in the muscles. Muscular contractions prevent flow of blood and lymph, which over time, causes disease. Emotional Release Dance is a healthy way to eliminate physical blocks to your health while raising your spirit and opening your heart.


    What is Food Therapy? Can you get me to eat right?

    Food Therapy is a diagnosis of your internal condition and balancing it with the proper foods. †For Example if you are cold and moist you should avoid salads and fruits and choose warming and drying foods like cinnamon and ginger. †It is all about choice. †We give you enough information to make an informed choice of meat, vegetables, grains and beans, fruit and greens. †There is not one correct way of eating. †However there is one way for you based upon your workload and schedule, sleeping habits, social life, exercise and relaxation. †All those factors are taken into account in self-designing your eating program.


    What is Ear Reflexology? †How is that part of Self massage?

    There are 120 acupuncture points in the ear. †You can use acupressure to stimulate these points to create balance in the body and eliminate pain. †You can learn to apply ear massage for many ailments. It also includes Daily acupressure called Dao Yin.


    What is Meridian Qigong? How is it therapy?

    Meridian Qigong is a moving qigong that encompasses all four types. The four types of chi gong are medical, martial, scholarly and spiritual. As medical Qigong it acts upon the acupuncture meridians and strengthens internal organs. †

    It lowers blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol. †It builds immunity and strengthens bones and joints. As Scholarly qigong it promotes longevity and self-healing.

    As Spiritual qigong it is both Taoist Yoga and Buddhist qigong. †It combines breathing, meditation, self-defense, flexibility and strength training. †As Therapy, it is a way to heal others by emitting electro-magnetic energy (Qi) from your hands. †This Qi emission (therapy) disperses pain and removes weakness. There are Qigong Hospitals that shrink tumors, reverse osteoporosis, arthritis, heart disease and diabetes.

    What does it cost and what is included?

    21 Days to Wellness- Group in select cities $369

    21 Hours of information  – 15 hour weekend followed by 3 weekly 2 hr. classes


    Fasting Diary

    Detox kits

    Pay by the week – $295 + $60 Follow-up sessions +Detox Kits

    21 Days to Wellness- Individual $369

    Once a week counseling session

    Daily phone call

    Workbook Diary

    Detox Kits as needed

    Pay by the week – $195 + $125 + $90

    21 Days to Wellness –Online $369

    Daily email

    Weekly phone call

    21 Days workbook download pdf

    Wellness Diary download pdf

    Detox Kits mailed as needed

    Pay by the week – $195 + $125 + $90

    Class information – $210

    2 Books                        65

    Detox kits                     $135

    TOTAL – $410 pay in full only $369

    DATES – 3rd Weekend EVERY MONTH

  • Psycho-Emotional Release & Emotional Therapeutics





    Understanding emotions is pivotal to the journey of healing. It was well known to ancient healers that emotional disharmonies are a primary cause of disease in the body.

    In Tibetan Medicine it is said that ultimately all sickness starts in the Spiritual Body. If untreated it drops into the Emotional Body. If unresolved there if drops into the Energy body. If untreated there it becomes Physical. Medical doctors only treat the physical body. They cannot acknowledge an emotional or spiritual imbalance causing physical disease. Despite their own personal beliefs the system has no code for diagnosis or treatments for emotional etiology.

    There are 3 causes of sickness – Trauma, Toxicity and Insufficiency- all of which can create environment for infection.

    Spiritual Trauma is disconnect from Nature, Cognitive dissonance, Abuse, Abandonment, rejection and Betrayal

    Other traumas and solutions are listed below

    S.O.U.L. – Self-Healing Objective Unconditional Love

    M.I.N.D. – Mental Image Nature Divine

    M.E.N.D. – Meditation Exercise Nutrition Dance


    Why you got sick? There Are 3 Causes Of Disease





    12:00 pm

    Worry complex


    Nutrient deficit- bulimia, anorexia Overeating, Food toxins & Allergens

    12:15 pm

    4 Heart Hurts, 3 poisons,

    3 demons, 7 deadly emotions Lack of security and stability

    Low Self-Esteem, self-worth, self-respect

    Lack of love and laughter

    Lack of confidence

    *Lack of Spiritual Direction


    *Automatic Negative Thinking

    Toxic relationships

    *Self Destructive Behaviors


    12:30 pm

    Electromagnetic radiation &

    6 Climatic, 4 Internal conditions

    Lack of oxygen in the blood- no exercise, water Chemical poisons



    12:45 pm

    Structural Physical imbalance or Accidents Lack of mental/physical rest


    *LSD *ANT *SBD


    How You get Well? There Are 4 WAYS TO REVERSE Disease





    1 pm

    QI GONG MEDITATION & PSYCHO-PUNCTURE SUPER-SATURATE Blood Stream w/ Nutrients, Super Foods & Herbs ORGANIC FOOD, Pure AIR & WATER & Green Juice Detox

    1:15 pm


    PSYCHO-PRESSURE Soul Retrieval Dance


    Positive Mental Attitude, and Self-Love


    Spiritual reconnection


    1:30 pm


    MERIDIAN Therapy & PINPOINT Healing


    Herbal Tonics

    Fasting Qigong

    3-21 Day Juicing


    1:45 PM


    Proper sleep ritual

    HERBAL Detox



    If you were God and were going to invent human beings, would you invent them to be self repairing or would invent them to break down to be drugged and surgically repaired by Medical doctors? The answer is obvious assuming that God is perfect in the first place. So I have recently discovered the long lost repair manual. It is Medical Qigong for Physical, Energetic, emotional and Spiritual Balance.


    To further explain the above, emotional stress from anger, worry and fear/anxiety will cause muscular tension that restricts blood, flow, blood oxygen and nutrients from getting where they need. That causes malfunction and eventually developing into sickness and/or premature death.

    For example it has been noted that men carry anger in the chest and neck and women in the shoulders and neck. Any neck muscle restriction like teeth clenching restricts blood flow to the head.


    Worry causes abdominal contraction and fear/anxiety causes low back contractions. Grief causes chest tightening.

    Meditation calms and relaxes the nervous system. It relieves tension in muscles and joints. It slows heart rate and respiration. Unfocused eyes and concentration on the breath allows autonomic Nervous system to stand down from red alert.


    The autonomic nervous system (ANS or involuntary nervous system) is the part of the peripheral nervous system that acts as a control system, functioning largely below the level of consciousness, and controls organfunctions. The ANS affects heart rate, digestion, respiration, salivation, perspiration, pupillary dilation, urination and sexual arousal. Most autonomous functions are involuntary but a number of ANS actions can work alongside some degree of conscious control. Everyday examples include breathing and heart rate which improve considerably with meditation and qigong.











    Loss of Appetite

    Over eating


    CHEST &



    BLOOD to head


    Adrenal gland

    Low BLOOD-pressure



    High Blood-pressure


    IBS, Reflux, diarrhea, constipation

    Chronic Fatigue



    Skin problems



    Dealing with our emotions is the first step into the world of metaphysics, that is beyond the Cartesian model that says only that which can be detected with the 5 physical senses is real.

    According to this exercise, an identified and experienced emotion leads one to clarifying the underlying belief. This is something like a domino effect. Coming to terms with a deeply buried belief, diminishes the intensity of the emotion, which in turn ‘cures’ the physical manifestation. But first you deal with the emotion.


    We, very often have the tendency to suppress our emotional expression, especially if it is an emotion like anger that we judge to be ‘bad’ somehow. Emotions are meant to be expressed. They are actually, a gateway to the inner being. Like many good things, this exercise takes some time to learn, but once you do, you will be welcoming anything that provokes an emotional expression into your life as another opportunity to learn something more about yourself.


    One final note. The name of this exercise is ‘mastering’ the emotions…not controlling them, deleting them, nor is it about always being ‘happy’, which is after all, just another emotion. It is about using emotions that come up normally and naturally for healing the self, for discovering the self, for walking in your own path.

    It is also often, also, referred to as ‘9-stepping’, because, curiously enough there are 9 steps.

    When you jump into the River of Emotion it takes you to the Ocean of Truth.


    The Nine Steps to Master Emotions


    Step 1. I recognize that I am choosing to do an emotion……….The first step is to simply acknowledge that you are being emotional. It is surprising how many people are so successful at suppressing their emotions they have lost all touch with their own feelings.


    Step 2. Describe the emotion in a word ……. See the list below for labeling the definition of the emotion you have chosen.


    Step 3. Accept responsibility for what you are feeling……..


    It is said that the only thing you can really control in Life is your own reaction to it. At this point acknowledge that, at some level, it is yourself who is choosing to react, rather than blaming someone else for provoking you.


    Step 4. Describe the catalyst or circumstances or event that provokes the emotional response.


    Step 5. My belief about myself in this situation is…….


    This is a step that a lot of people get stuck on because our beliefs about ourselves, especially the ones we consider negative, tend to be buried quite deep. The key is to keep the focus on yourself. For example, you cannot say  ‘I am angry because she’s a jerk.’ It would be more like, ‘I am angry because I can’t control her.’


    Step 6. Is this belief valid? Do I still want it?


    If your belief about yourself is some variation on ‘I am not worthy…. do you still want that?


    Step 7. What is the carrot (reward)? What is it you hope to accomplish (gain) by expressing the emotion?


    This relates to the catalyzing agent.   For example, do you hope to get your spouse to be more attentive, your co-worker more cooperative or your child more obedient?


    Step 8. Does this emotion work to get the carrot? That is do you accomplish what it is you want?


    Step 9. Do you still want the carrot?


    Do you still want to accomplish whatever it is you wanted at the beginning of this exercise? Choose a better response.


    Emotions are important and meant to be expressed. They keep us in touch with who we are and with our world. When expressed in a positive and affirming manner, even Anger and Fear have Life enhancing qualities. Our emotions give us power and strength and the ability to communicate passionately and with inspiration.  Mastering them is an important step towards mastering yourself and your world. Please note, that this is not an exercise to get rid of emotions, but to master them.




    Anger as Aggravation, Annoyance, Frustration, Impatience, Irritation, Resentment: Loss of control over others or self and the attempt to regain it.


    Anxiety: Incapacitating the self to avoid preparing for a situation.


    Boredom, Apathy, Indifference: Not taking responsibility for your own happiness.


    Confusion :Lazy mind; avoiding making a decision.


    Depression: Helplessness as a luxury.


    Fear: Entertaining a fantasy of danger that has not yet happened.


    Grief, Sadness, Remorse: Loss of control over the source of love and affection.


    Guilt: Dwelling over a past situation in order to avoid taking action now .


    Hate: Misplaced Love.


    Homesickness: Loss of the source of attention and source of self identity.


    Hurt: Denial of responsibility for your own feelings. No one can hurt you without your permission.


    Jealousy: Feeling of inadequacy to a known or unknown competitor.


    Loneliness: Placing responsibility for your happiness on someone else.


    Regret, Disappointment, Sadness: Feeling inferior because things don’t go the way you want them to.


    Rejection: Unsuccessful attempt to gain the approval of another.


    Self-Pity: Indulging in helplessness as a luxury.


    Self-Righteousness, Contempt, Disdain, Indignation, Pride, : Feeling superior to another to feel good about yourself.


    Shyness: Waiting for external approval.


    Worry: Incapacitating the self to avoid preparing for a situation.




    Emotion Symptom
    Resistance to current existence Worry Fatigue
    Fear of Death Joy (deficiency) Insomnia
    Fear of moving forward Worry/Overthinking Muscle spasm/pain
    Difficulty connecting with your world Worry Numbness/tingling in extremities
    Resistance current responsibilitynot being nourished Worry Stiffness of muscles
    Lots of stuff to get off your chest. Grief/Anger Chest pain/ not related to cardiac or Lung problem
    Life does not compute (not logical)/Cutting the self off. Joy (lack of) Mental Fogginess
    Judging Life badly Joy (lack of) Poor Memory
    Distrust of the World/ Helplessness. Fear Phobias
    Rejection of new ideas/ nourishment Worry Food sensitivities/allergies
    Withdrawal from Life Joy (lack of) Depression
    Grief not resolved Grief Shortness of breath/Asthma
    Retained Adolescence Worry/Fear Abdominal cramps/bloating
    Blinded by Anger Anger Sensitive eyes/blurriness
    Denying water/the elixir of life Worry/Fear Dry Mouth
    Residual anger/still angry about? Anger Feeling hot
    Who or what are you freezing out? Worry Feeling cold
    Lack of discrimination/Especially what nourishes. Worry Diarrhea
    Unwilling to let go of what? Worry Constipation
    Indecisiveness/what to hold onto, what to let go Worry Diarrhea/Constipation (alternating)
    Inability to protect the self. Grief Frequent illness/poor immune response
    In the process of surrendering. Worry Loss of strength/endurance


    The purpose of this exercise is to help you identify the emotions you are feeling and to help you express them in a more constructive way. While this exercise works with emotions and feelings you may have about yourself, in most cases they arise out of your day-to-day interactions with others. It would be quite easy to deal with emotions if you never had to deal with people. Some people, though, just piss you off, or make you feel inadequate, or hurt your feelings in some way. That’s the way some people are.                        The point is that these situations and these people are not about to change just because you have feelings. It is up to you to take charge of your emotions and how you express them. Ask yourself honestly the next time you pop off at someone, what is it you really want to accomplish. Most people will treat you exactly the way you want to be treated.  It is up to you to be clear about what that means. Finally, think of it this way. Do you still want to be a victim, reacting to what goes on around you, or do you want to take control and act according to the rules you have for yourself?


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