Qi-Gong Anti-Aging FACIAL

Acupuncture, Qi Gong and Herbal Chinese medicine in Boca Raton, FL




Arms cold

Pat up to shoulder and down to wrist 4x each arm

Arms warm

Rub hands and gently push Qi up to neck across chin and down to wrist 4x each arm


Rub across chest in X design 8 times


Legs cold

Brush down outside and up inside of leg 8 times

Smack inside of length of thigh 4 times each side

Legs warm

Rub hands and place on lower Tantien brush to kidneys and hold briefly and gently push Qi down outside and up inside of leg 4 times

Foot Bottom

Bang each foot with loose fist 8 times

Press on Kidney 1, hollow 4 times


Bang with loose fist area 4 fingers below each knee 8 times


Anti-Aging FACIAL – Ear, face and head

To stimulate 5 senses and restore hearing, vision, smell, taste and touch


1 & 2 rub hands to Put chi into ears front and back

3  Pull Lobe with anti-tragus 10x

4  Press Chest cavity index fingertip10x

5  Press Abdominal with fingertip10x

6  Press Pelvic cavity fingertip10x

7  Pull down Auricle edge w/ fingertip10x

8  Rub up Intertragic notch with anti helix w/ fingertip10x

9  Pinch-pull ear flap (Tragus) w/fingertip10x

10 Rub up Back of ear with thumb to lower blood pressure groove



Eyes -five eye points

Rub hands for friction to stimulate heat (chi) Press palm to eyes

1. press thumbs into inner upper border of eye socket Bl 2

2. press thumbs into center upper border Yuyao

3. press index fingers into outer border GB 1

4. press lower border with flat of index finger ST1

5. press tear duct Bl 1

Smell  & Sinus

1. Press LI 20 – with index fingers

Middle finger press Bitong in nasolabial groove 16x


Bitong is good for allergies that affect the nose and sinuses, stuffiness from poor air quality or the early onset of a cold. It is located on each side of the nose, at the highest point of the groove between the cheek and the nostril. To use this point, press upward into the edge of the bone that forms the nose.






2. With mouth open press middle finger next to ear & index finger in back of jaw, circle jaw eight times right and left


Mental clarity –

1.Thumbs on temples pull apart forehead 8x

2. Vigorous massage side of head 20X

3. Tap fingers base of skull 20 times

4. Clasp fingers behind neck – pull left knee up to touch right elbow and reverse 16x



1. Click teeth 32 times

2. Swish mouth 4x and swallow

3. Pluck front neck muscle right and left 16x

4. Rub belly 20 times before and after each meal


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