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Tao of Revitalization with Medical Qigong


Medical Qigong aka The Science of Longevity

The Internal Qi-Gong Exercises direct the innate healing power to specific internal organs and glands to energize the entire body, balance the energy level, and promote a more effective functioning of the internal organs, in order to

heal, adjust, correct, and above all prevent disease.

There are three categories of Internal Exercises.


The first category of Internal Exercises includes those designed to

correct sitting, reclining, walking, and working postures, to facilitate

healing. These exercises are the Five Animal Exercises, Eight Directional

Exercises, 4 Directions Qigong and Tea cup Qigong. Also included are the basic exercises known as the the Soaring Crane Exercise, Deer and the Turtle Exercise.


The second category is 14 Meridian Meditation that also includes

Microcosmic Orbit Meditation, or simply Taoist Contemplation. A

tremendous healing art, 14 Meridian Exercise is used to adjust, balance,

and elevate the energy level in the body. By meditating on the pathways of

energy in the body, anatomically known as the meridians, a person is able

to feel the energy flow along these pathways and balance the energies

within the body. The mind, body, and spirit are completely integrated, and

the individual is completely enlivened.


Acupuncture and acupressure techniques, which originated from 14 Meridian Exercises, are used to help others, whereas Meridian Meditation is used to heal oneself.


The third category of Internal Exercises concerns energy breathing

techniques. Through these techniques, energy can be absorbed through the

acupuncture points which lie atop the meridians which traverse the body.

Energy breathing is a vital step in self-healing and in forming an indivisible

link with the energy permeating the universe.


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