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4 Doors to Health – Part 2


4 doors logoDr. Love’s Unlock the 4 Doors to Health

No Matter which Door you enter first Nutritional, Physical, Emotional

or Spiritual, they all lead to Healthy Happiness!

4 Doors to Health & Happiness

Door #1 – Nutritional Healing-

Your vehicle will not run efficiently without proper fuel. What you eat fuels your body, so your food choices are important to nutritional healing.

Door #2 – Physical Healing-

Physical exercise affects how you feel. Sitting or walking, lounging or dancing, laying down or climbing trees all produce feelings of euphoria or inertia. Self Massage tells your body you love it.  Your physical body is the vehicle for your spirit. If you do not take care of your vehicle it can break down and your spirit will be grounded.  Acupressure is self regulating your lymph system, nervous system and immune system.

Door #3 – Emotional Healing-

Your thoughts color your communication with friends and co-workers. What you think about, focus on or ignore is important to achieving spiritual health.  Your thoughts can create or destroy happiness.

Emotional Feelings affect your relationship with self.  How you feel about yourself is more important than how others feel about you. Negative emotions are stored in the body and you feel stuck. When Positive emotions flow through the body you feel like dancing.

Door #4 – Spiritual Healing-

You cannot have pure spirit without pure body. Meditation purifies the mind and juice feasting purifies the body. Moving meditation with Meridian Qigong opens all electro-magnetic pathways and clears all negative energy.  Spiritual healing is creating harmony between your higher and lower selves. There are four inescapable facts of Life. Since Old Age, Sickness, Suffering and Death are unavoidable, what is our purpose of Living?  The answer is declared in the U.S. constitution “Life Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”.  Happiness is Spiritual Health.


I created this comprehensive program because everyone I knew was either unhealthy or unhappy. The answers to finding health and happiness were written by sages eons ago.  Unfortunately these answers must be re-discovered by each generation through direct experience, not by reading books.


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