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 Why do you make choices

that do not serve your

highest and best good?

The mind that made you sick is not the mind that can make you well.


You require a teacher or guide. Medicine Buddha teachings are my spiritual path. Sickness, Suffering, Old Age and Death are preventable through Meditation on the eightfold path and the six virtues. Undisciplined habits of eating, drinking and lifestyle lead to sickness. Three demons and three poisons lead to suffering. Seven deadly emotions and six energy thieves lead to old age. Ego clinging and not understanding the true nature of reality leads to Death. When you are ready to seek your path to living, health and wisdom, I am the sign pointer along the way.


I thought my purpose in life was to lift people up. But I cannot help people who do not want to be helped. I can only help people who ask for my help. Today I was reminded by an old friend that my purpose is not to lift people up but to only live my life and teach by example. Drinking tea and teaching healthy lifestyles that prevents chronic and degenerative disease gives me joy. Drumming and Dancing put me into spiritual alignment. Would you pay to learn the prevention lifestyle?


If offered a choice between two doors marked Heaven and Lecture on Heaven which would you enter? Would you pay for the lecture or the experience?


Study and Understanding of Self is the first step. Utilizing Psycho-puncture by identifying the self-created issues, your CHP* and your APP*s we can self-regulate. We can eliminate Self-Destructive Behaviors and Automatic Negative Thinking with Psycho-pressure. Psycho-pressure is an acu-pressure tapping method to break neural patterns of addiction to sickness, pain and suffering.


Qi Gong, breathing and meditation self regulates structure, nervous system, endocrine glands and lymphatic system. Structure determines function. Neuro-endocrine system determines mental acuity and emotional balance. Lymphatic system helps detoxification and immune function. Qigong is the self-repair mechanism that should be taught as elementary education. Qigong is self-discipline.


Juicing with vegetable juices and Internal cleansing will heal your organs through detoxification and purification. Fasting from news, cars, electric light, internet, stove and fridge will put you back in harmony with your true nature. Going back to nature by camping, canoeing or hiking will put you in touch with G-d.


Three steps of Psycho-puncture/psycho-pressure, Medical Qigong and Juicing/Fasting will integrate and harmonize the Jing, Qi and Shen aka Three treasures.

To learn the glossary of terms and how to create discipline for a new life come to an open house monthly at Love Chinese Medicine or just call for an appointment


*CHP – Cultural Historical Psychology (ie. Family history)


*APP – Awareness Perception and Perspective

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