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Can You Avoid your own Health crisis?


Are you willing to pay Higher medical insurance coverage and Higher doctor bills? Are you willing to pay Higher pharmaceutical prices?

After 45 your muscles, knees and hips are the first to go

After age fifty your lymph & kidney function starts to slow

After 55 your wrinkles start to show

After age sixty your skin, hair, hearing and vision are next to go

After 65 your teeth and bones go weak

After age seventy, freedom from painful joints you seek

Aging has a cost but you can be the boss by opening your heart to healing and happiness at Blue Dragon Qigong Academy where health smart kids make happy adults & health smart adults make happy seniors

Health Literacy for parents and kids at Blue Dragon Qi-Gong Academy

HEALTH SMART KIDS learn to prevent cough, cold and flu so Mom doesn’t have to miss a day at work

HEALTH SMART TEENS learn to prevent headaches, neck, shoulder and back pain so they don’t miss a class at school

HEALTH SMART PARENTS learn to prevent diabetes and heart disease so they can avoid medication

HEALTH SMART SENIORS learn to prevent colon, prostate, breast and lung cancer so they can live long enough to see grandkids graduate

HEALTH SMART WOMEN learn facial rejuvenation, physical flexibility and emotionally balanced eating

HEALTH SMART ADULTS learn internal exercises leading to inner wisdom


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