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Dr. George Love Jr. is a licensed primary care physician in the state of Florida since 1986 as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine (DOM), Herbalist, Qigong master since 1994 and certified Acupuncturist for 31 years. He is the former Dean of Oriental Medicine Studies at Barna College of Health Science in Ft. Lauderdale and the author of nine books on health including Shield Your Immune System in just 12 Weeks. He is the lineage holder of Lung Qing Neidan Qi Gong aka Blue Dragon Qi Gong which he has renamed Meridian Qi Gong. He has been leading fasting workshops since 1985 with 3 Day Green Clean kits and 7 Day Juice Feasting kits. He has created Psycho-puncture, Psycho-pressure and Food Therapy.  After 30 years as a healer Dr. Love is committed to raising the skill level of acupuncturists throughout North America as a CEU provider.


Acupuncture – Tibetan, Traditional Chinese, Japanese & Korean,

Massage Therapy – Tuina (Chinese), Shiatsu (Japanese), Tibetan Eye Massage,
Organ manipulation, Lymphatic massage and Scalp Massage
Infant, Obstetric & Fetal Massage

Herbology – Chinese Patent Medicines, Making Herbal Extracts, Immune Formulas
Commonly Used Traditional Formulas, Chinese Herbal Diagnosis

Oriental Medicine – Tibetan Medicine, Emergency Medicinal Techniques
Auricular Therapy (Ear Acupuncture)

Nutrition – Chinese Dietetics, Macrobiotics, Pritikin, Phytotherapy,
Gourmet Vegetarian Cooking Instructor

Health Educator, Author and Lecturer

Dr. Love has been involved in the natural healing industry for 30 years as an educator and health care provider. He teaches workshops across the country on Self Healing your Immune System. He is available to speak for your organization or company on the following subjects:

  • Psycho-puncture- Psycho-Education to prevent emotional stress, anxiety and depression
  • Psycho-pressure- Technique to relieve physical pain, addiction and emotional suffering
  • Ear Reflexology & Acu-Magnet Therapy- Technique to relieve physical pain, addiction
  • Meridian Qi Gong Therapy- 14 Exercise to activate acupuncture meridians
  • Spiritual Acupressure – Finding the stairway to heaven inside the body
  • Sexual Qi Gong – Circulation of energy with a partner
  • Juice Feasting – Fasting and cleansing with Juice therapy
  • Food Therapy – Utilizing Chinese Medicine diagnosis you can heal with foods and herbs

George Xavier Love
After three years practicing acupuncture, George Love was introduced
to Master Li Bing-Yuan by his mentor Dr. Cwolde Kyte in 1983.
He studied Chi Kung daily with Master Lee for three years and became
his apprentice, giving up his own practice.

He was also taught herbal first aid, Tui-Na (Chinese Medical Massage).
After two years he was given an OMD degree (Doctor of Oriental Medicine)
from Ju-shu-Lin Taoist Scholars Council.

After three years he was given permission to teach the family Qigong.
George carefully re-translated the description of the exercises and finally
rewrote them with a new understanding of how the Qi circulates in the
process of healing.

Master Lee conferred George Xavier Love as the 13th lineage holder of Qing Long Neidan Qigong.

In doing so, he gave him the name Zhen Wu.

Dr. Love is compelled to teach this authentic family qigong so that it will live on healing millions and millions.

If you are interested in becoming a student or an instructor, please email
me with your background and interests.

Dr. Love, Acupuncture Physician has been teaching qigong since 1985 and
Licensed in Florida since 1986 as a primary care physician.

After 30 years as a healer Dr. Love is committed to raising the skill level of acupuncturists throughout North America as a CEU provider.

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