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21 Days to Wellness


21 Days to wellness coverPerhaps you could benefit from a course I have been teaching for 19 years called 21 Days to Wellness.

This teaching is based upon 3000 years of Traditional Chinese medicine and Taoist/Buddhist philosophy.  It deals with nutritional, physical, emotional and spiritual healing.  The weekend retreat that introduces it is called Unlock the 4 Doors to Health & Happiness.  The most important thing in life is health, healing, and wholeness because without whole health you cannot enjoy or create wealth.


21 Days to Wellness Workshop

This is an optional detoxification and addiction fasting program done for 21 days after 4 Doors to Healthy Happiness Retreat to Enlightenment. 21 Days to Wellness will fully realize your spirit by fasting from cooked food, TV, radio, newspapers and other addictions.  You will learn the spiritual laws of success, while juice feasting and promoting the inner healer.  You well learn the Twelve Steps to LifeChange and keep the 21 Day Diary while defeating the inner destroyer.

The workshop is 21 hours of self-directed information. Friday night we start with an evaluation of what you want to get out of your experience.  We look at poisons in the soil, water, air and food.  We look at self-created negative emotions and behavior patterns.  Then we discuss the various ways to eliminate and reverse these.

Saturday morning we learn self-diagnosis with face, tongue and posture. Being able to self diagnose is empowering.

Saturday afternoon we learn psycho-puncture and Emotional release dance. Dissolving your blocks to success and resolving your emotional issues are the core of the Psycho-puncture experience. The experience of Emotional Release Dance leads the way to states of ecstasy.

Sunday morning we learn how to create a self-healing program with breathing, meditation, exercise, food, herbs, acupressure and ear reflexology. The experience of creating a Self-healing Program is uplifting.

Sunday afternoon we learn food therapy and herbal nutrition.  Learning Herbal Nutrition and Food therapy is the support for your complete recovery and the whole health experience.

We meet the next three Saturday mornings for two hours each.

First Saturday we learn about the charkas and correspondences with the endocrine system and how to align them and tune them with rhythm and sound.

Second Saturday we learn about color therapy, aromatherapy, light therapy and how to dress your spiritual vehicle

Last Saturday we have a fruit feast and learn about sex as a path to spiritual enlightenment.

Faced with two doors marked Heaven and Lecture on Heaven, which one will you enter? I know you don’t want to hear another lecture.  The direct experience of heaven on earth is Unlocking 4 Doors to Health and Happiness weekend retreat and having the experience of 21 Days to Wellness to fast from food and feast on health.




Tell me and I might forget, show me and I might remember, involve me and I’ll get it!

The purpose of this retreat is the find out where you keep your spirit when you’re not using it.  It also answers the question of whether you are a body that has a spirit or a spirit that has a body. Many wise men have said All Answers lie within. What is the question? Why am I here? What is my purpose? Am I doing what I’m supposed to? Bring your questions, doubt, confusion and uncertainty. You will take home the answers. Friday night we look at what is wrong and what we want to change.  Saturday you will find your power animal and take him/her for a walk or a fly. Saturday afternoon we find answers and create self-healing projects. Sunday we look at what we want to create and manifestation processes. Sunday afternoon we find answers to heal the past pain and hurt.


21 Days to Wellness

George Xavier Love, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Licensed Acupuncture Physician, Qigong Master and Herbalist empowers you to take Responsibility for your Life and Health. During this weekend workshop you will learn what you should have been taught since birth about your body, emotions, drives and food choices. †Preventively maintain your body with juice feasting daily, monthly, seasonally and yearly. ††††




Sept. 21-23 repeats in May – Awakening the Spirit/Body – Blue Dragon Qigong

October 19-21 repeats in March – Purify the Body/Mind – Bigu Qigong

November 16-18 repeats in April – Transcend the Spirit/Mind – Zhongdo / E.R.Dance

January 18-20 repeats in June- Align with the Divine/Mind – Medicine Buddha

Feb. 15-17 repeats July 20-22- Balance the Heart/Mind –Soul Retrieval


Why and How often should I do it?

There are 5 Retreats offered twice each year.

Why am I sick and out of balance? How can I diagnose myself? How can I treat myself? †How can I stay healthy once I detoxify? A Good Habit followed for 21 Days becomes permanent! This intensive is offered 10 times a year.

What is Juice Feasting? When should I do it?

Juice Feasting is part of the 21 Days to Wellness. Juice Feasting is a way of cleansing the liver and kidneys of accumulated toxic waste. †It improves the skin, brightens the eyes and sharpens the hearing. You sleep better and have more energy. It is done periodically to prevent toxic build up. †We recommend one day a week, three days each month, seven days when seasons change and 21 Days once a year.


What is Psycho-puncture & Emotional Release Dance?

Psychopuncture is the diagnosis of negative emotions and Daoist Dance is the re-creation of positive emotions. The Chinese described a downward spiral of the seven deadly emotions two thousand years ago that still stands the tests of time. †Emotions that are held tightly (not released) are stored in the muscles. Muscular contractions prevent flow of blood and lymph, which over time, causes disease. Emotional Release Dance is a healthy way to eliminate physical blocks to your health while raising your spirit and opening your heart.


What is Food Therapy? Can you get me to eat right?

Food Therapy is a diagnosis of your internal condition and balancing it with the proper foods. †For Example if you are cold and moist you should avoid salads and fruits and choose warming and drying foods like cinnamon and ginger. †It is all about choice. †We give you enough information to make an informed choice of meat, vegetables, grains and beans, fruit and greens. †There is not one correct way of eating. †However there is one way for you based upon your workload and schedule, sleeping habits, social life, exercise and relaxation. †All those factors are taken into account in self-designing your eating program.


What is Ear Reflexology? †How is that part of Self massage?

There are 120 acupuncture points in the ear. †You can use acupressure to stimulate these points to create balance in the body and eliminate pain. †You can learn to apply ear massage for many ailments. It also includes Daily acupressure called Dao Yin.


What is Meridian Qigong? How is it therapy?

Meridian Qigong is a moving qigong that encompasses all four types. The four types of chi gong are medical, martial, scholarly and spiritual. As medical Qigong it acts upon the acupuncture meridians and strengthens internal organs. †

It lowers blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol. †It builds immunity and strengthens bones and joints. As Scholarly qigong it promotes longevity and self-healing.

As Spiritual qigong it is both Taoist Yoga and Buddhist qigong. †It combines breathing, meditation, self-defense, flexibility and strength training. †As Therapy, it is a way to heal others by emitting electro-magnetic energy (Qi) from your hands. †This Qi emission (therapy) disperses pain and removes weakness. There are Qigong Hospitals that shrink tumors, reverse osteoporosis, arthritis, heart disease and diabetes.

What does it cost and what is included?

21 Days to Wellness- Group in select cities $369

21 Hours of information  – 15 hour weekend followed by 3 weekly 2 hr. classes


Fasting Diary

Detox kits

Pay by the week – $295 + $60 Follow-up sessions +Detox Kits

21 Days to Wellness- Individual $369

Once a week counseling session

Daily phone call

Workbook Diary

Detox Kits as needed

Pay by the week – $195 + $125 + $90

21 Days to Wellness –Online $369

Daily email

Weekly phone call

21 Days workbook download pdf

Wellness Diary download pdf

Detox Kits mailed as needed

Pay by the week – $195 + $125 + $90

Class information – $210

2 Books                        65

Detox kits                     $135

TOTAL – $410 pay in full only $369


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