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4Doors to Health- part 1


4 Doors to YOUR House of Health

Freedom of choice – Prevention or Therapy


4 Doors to Preventive Health

Lifestyle – Breathing, Meditation & movement Exercise

Diet – Medicinal Food & Herbal Nutrition

Emotional Balance – Psycho-pressure & Emotional Release Dance

Spiritual Connection – Chakra Dance and Soul Retrieval


4 Areas of concern

Nutrition – feeding yourself nutrient dense foods with high water/fiber content

Physical – breathing, meditation  & exercise

Emotional – Positive Emotional relationships w/family friends and god

Spiritual – Thoughts, feelings & attitudes towards self in connection to all beings


4 ways to get sick

  • Toxins in air, water soil & food

  • Environmental toxins, Electro-magnetic radiation, exposure to infection & over exposure to climatic influence from damp, cold, windy and dryness

  • Injuries from pre-disposed weakness from poor posture, lack of rest/exercise

  • Poor choices of lifestyle from compulsive eating, working, drinking & sex due to ignorance, arrogance and greed


4 Bodies of Health

  • Nutritional –Juice feasting & Food therapy

  • Physical –Ear Reflexology & Daoist Yoga

  • Emotional –Psycho-Puncture & Psycho-pressure

  • Spiritual –Divination Dance/Drum Meditation


4 Methods of Self-Healing

  • Drumming meditation and Taiji pole dance

  • Self-healing massage and Ear Reflexology

  • Healing teas and food

  • Qi Gong and Visualization



4 Doors to Enlightened Healing

  • Awakening the Healer within- Qigong & Ear Reflexology

  • Soul Retrieval with Psycho-puncture & Drumming Meditation

  • Purification with Juice Feasting and sweating

  • Spirit Trance’n’Dance



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