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  • Dr George Love is positively mental


    George Love is positively mental!
    Psycho-puncture Psycho-pressure
    Is Emotional Stress Therapy

    Negative emotions and behavior patterns can create mental, and physical illness. When you feel blocked or unhappy, your energy may not be flowing optimally. Qigong is a powerful technique from Oriental Medicine to determine the location of stagnant, blocked, or deficient energy. The lack of energy flow becomes the physical and emotional patterns that form the basis of your symptoms. They are identified and self- treated with tapping on specific acupressure points. These are techniques that speak directly to the energy patterns that may be operating below the awareness of your conscious mind. By tapping into the level of pure self-awareness, the process of healing can begin to eliminate long-standing patterns that have been self-defeating at both the mental and physical levels.

    Shen (vitality) is essentially ‘mind, ‘including all the functions of consciousness, as well as the lower levels or activity. It manifests itself primarily as Yi, thought intent or will. Man is in his perfect condition only when his “Qi” and “Yi” (mind) are connected, highly spirited and vigorous. Shen is the generalization of conscious and all other forms of life activities. All mental and physical activities, including seeing, hearing, speaking thinking and bodily movements, are a manifestation of Shen. The ancients believed that a man’s Shen and physical form are inseparable and that a man will prosper if he gains Shen and die if he loses it.

    The cliché’ body mind spirit needs to be re-explained. The center of the body is located four fingers below your belly button. The center of the mind is located in the center of your chest (heart). The center of the spirit is located midpoint between the brows (3rd eye?). A better way of saying this is body/shen, heart/shen, spirit/shen. The blood is the container of Consciousness (Shen). So your consciousness exists everywhere inside your body. When you disconnect the body/mind from heart/mind or spirit/mind you get dis- ease. Left untreated this become illness leading to organ failure.

    Psycho-pressure is a meridian energy therapy – just like acupuncture, it works directly on the meridian system in the body. But instead of needles, you stimulate the major acupuncture meridian points by tapping on them or massaging them lightly. Psycho-pressure is a self – help protocol designed for ease of use so everyone can benefit from Psycho-Puncture without learning about meridians. Psycho-pressure is a true mind/body healing technique because it combines the physical effects of acupuncture meridian treatments with the mental effects of focusing on the pain or problem at the same time. You can treat any form of dis-ease or illness that has its root cause in mental/emotional stress with Psycho-pressure.
    You can order Psycho-puncture/Psycho-pressure e-book from

    To learn more contact Dr. George Love at 561.502.6200

  • Medically Caused Death in America


    Interview with Barbara Starfield

    By Jon Rappoport

    On July 26, 2000, the US medical community received a titanic shock to the system, when one of its most respected and honored public-health experts, Dr. Barbara Starfield, revealed her findings on healthcare in America.

    The landmark Starfield study, “Is US health really the best in the world?”, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, came to the following conclusions:

    Every year in the US there are:

    12,000 deaths from unnecessary surgeries;
    7,000 deaths from medication errors in hospitals;
    20,000 deaths from other errors in hospitals;
    80,000 deaths from infections acquired in hospitals;
    106,000 deaths from FDA-approved correctly prescribed medicines.
    The total of medically-caused deaths in the US every year is 225,000.

    This makes the medical system the third leading cause of death in the US, behind heart disease and cancer.

    The Starfield study is the most explosive revelation about modern healthcare in America ever published. The credentials of its author and the journal in which it appeared are, within the highest medical circles, impeccable.

    Yet, on the heels of Starfield’s astonishing findings, although media reporting was extensive, it soon dwindled. No major newspaper or television network mounted an ongoing “Medicalgate” investigation. Neither the US Department of Justice nor federal health agencies undertook prolonged remedial action.

    All in all, it seemed that those parties who could have taken effective steps to correct this mind-boggling situation preferred to ignore it.

    On December 6-7, 2009, I interviewed Dr. Starfield by email.

    What has been the level and tenor of the response to your findings, since 2000?

    My papers on the benefits of primary care have been widely used, including in Congressional testimony and reports. However, the findings on the relatively poor health in the US have received almost no attention. The American public appears to have been hoodwinked into believing that more interventions lead to better health, and most people that I meet are completely unaware that the US does not have the ‘best health in the world’.

    In the medical research community, have your medically-caused mortality statistics been debated, or have these figures been accepted, albeit with some degree of shame?

    The findings have been accepted by those who study them. There has been only one detractor, a former medical school dean, who has received a lot of attention for claiming that the US health system is the best there is and we need more of it. He has a vested interest in medical schools and teaching hospitals (they are his constituency). They, of course, would like an even greater share of the pie than they now have, for training more specialists. (Of course, the problem is that we train specialists—at great public cost—who then do not practice up to their training—they spend half of their time doing work that should be done in primary care and don’t do it as well.)

    Have health agencies of the federal government consulted with you on ways to mitigate the effects of the US medical system?


    Since the FDA approves every medical drug given to the American people, and certifies it as safe and effective, how can that agency remain calm about the fact that these medicines are causing 106,000 deaths per year?

    Even though there will always be adverse events that cannot be anticipated, the fact is that more and more unsafe drugs are being approved for use. Many people attribute that to the fact that the pharmaceutical industry is (for the past ten years or so) required to pay the FDA for reviews—which puts the FDA into a untenable position of working for the industry it is regulating. There is a large literature on this.

    Aren’t your 2000 findings a severe indictment of the FDA and its standard practices?

    They are an indictment of the US health care industry: insurance companies, specialty and disease-oriented medical academia, the pharmaceutical and device manufacturing industries, all of which contribute heavily to re-election campaigns of members of Congress. The problem is that we do not have a government that is free of influence of vested interests. Alas, [it] is a general problem of our society—which clearly unbalances democracy.

    Can you offer an opinion about how the FDA can be so mortally wrong about so many drugs?

    Yes, it cannot divest itself from vested interests. (Again, [there is] a large literature about this, mostly unrecognized by the people because the industry-supported media give it no attention.

    Would it be correct to say that, when your JAMA study was published in 2000, it caused a momentary stir and was thereafter ignored by the medical community and by pharmaceutical companies?

    Are you sure it was a momentary stir? I still get at least one email a day asking for a reprint—ten years later! The problem is that its message is obscured by those that do not want any change in the US health care system.

    Do medical schools in the US, and intern/residency programs in hospitals, offer significant “primary care” physician training and education?

    NO. Some of the most prestigious medical teaching institutions do not even have family physician training programs [or] family medicine departments. The federal support for teaching institutions greatly favors specialist residencies, because it is calculated on the basis of hospital beds. [Dr. Starfield has done extensive research showing that family doctors, who deliver primary care—as opposed to armies of specialists—produce better outcomes for patients.]

    Are you aware of any systematic efforts, since your 2000 JAMA study was published, to remedy the main categories of medically caused deaths in the US?

    No systematic efforts; however, there have been a lot of studies. Most of them indicate higher rates [of death] than I calculated.

    What was your personal reaction when you reached the conclusion that the US medical system was the third leading cause of death in the US?

    I had previously done studies on international comparisons and knew that there were serious deficits in the US health care system, most notably in lack of universal coverage and a very poor primary care infrastructure. So I wasn’t surprised.

    Has anyone from the FDA, since 2000, contacted you about the statistical findings in your JAMA paper?

    NO. Please remember that the problem is not only that some drugs are dangerous but that many drugs are overused or inappropriately used. The US public does not seem to recognize that inappropriate care is dangerous—more does not mean better. The problem is NOT mainly with the FDA but with population expectations.

    … Some drugs are downright dangerous; they may be prescribed according to regulations but they are dangerous.

    Concerning the national health plan before Congress—if the bill is passed, and it is business as usual after that, and medical care continues to be delivered in the same fashion, isn’t it logical to assume that the 225,000 deaths per year will rise?

    Probably—but the balance is not clear. Certainly, those who are not insured now and will get help with financing will probably be marginally better off overall.

    Did your 2000 JAMA study sail through peer review, or was there some opposition to publishing it?

    It was rejected by the first journal that I sent it to, on the grounds that ‘it would not be interesting to readers’!

    Do the 106,000 deaths from medical drugs only involve drugs prescribed to patients in hospitals, or does this statistic also cover people prescribed drugs who are not in-patients in hospitals?

    I tried to include everything in my estimates. Since the commentary was written, many more dangerous drugs have been added to the marketplace.

    106,000 people die as a result of CORRECTLY prescribed medicines. I believe that was your point in your 2000 study. Overuse of a drug or inappropriate use of a drug would not fall under the category of “correctly prescribed.” Therefore, people who die after “overuse” or “inappropriate use” would be IN ADDITION TO the 106,000 and would fall into another or other categories.

    ‘Appropriate’ means that it is not counter to regulations. That does not mean that the drugs do not have adverse effects.

    Some comments from the interviewer:

    I’m aware there are reports, outside the mainstream, which conclude far more than 225,000 people in the US die every year as a result of medical treatment. For example, see the work of Carolyn Dean, Trueman Tuck, Gary Null, Martin Feldman, Debora Rasio, Dorothy Smith.

    This interview with Dr. Starfield reveals that, even when an author has unassailable credentials within the medical-research establishment, the findings can result in no changes made to the system.

    Yes, many persons and organizations within the medical system contribute to the annual death totals of patients, and media silence and public ignorance are certainly major factors, but the FDA is the assigned gatekeeper, when it comes to the safety of medical drugs. The buck stops there. If those drugs the FDA is certifying as safe are killing, like clockwork, 106,000 people a year, the Agency must be held accountable. The American people must understand that.

    As for the other 119,000 people killed every year as a result of hospital treatment, this horror has to be laid at the doors of those institutions. Further, to the degree that hospitals are regulated and financed by state and federal governments, the relevant health agencies assume culpability.

    It is astounding, as well, that the US Department of Justice has failed to weigh in on Starfield’s findings. If 225,000 medically caused deaths per year is not a crime by the Dept. of Justice’s standards, then what is?

    To my knowledge, not one person in America has been fired from a job or even censured as result of these medically caused deaths.

    Dr. Starfield’s findings have been available for nine years. She has changed the perception of the medical landscape forever. In a half-sane nation, she would be accorded a degree of recognition that would, by comparison, make the considerable list of her awards pale. And significant and swift action would have been taken to punish the perpetrators of these crimes and reform the system from its foundations.

    In these times, medical schools continue turning out a preponderance of specialists who then devote themselves to promoting the complexities of human illness and massive drug treatment. Whatever the shortcomings of family doctors, their tradition speaks to less treatment, more common sense, and a proper reliance on the immune systems of patients.

    The pharmaceutical giants stand back and carve up the populace into “promising markets.” They seek new disease labels and new profits from more and more toxic drugs. They do whatever they can—legally or illegally—to influence doctors in their prescribing habits. Some drug studies which show negative results are buried. FDA panels are filled with doctors who have drug-company ties. Legislators are incessantly lobbied and supported with pharma campaign monies.

    Nutrition, the cornerstone of good health, is ignored or devalued by most physicians. Meanwhile, the FDA continues to attack nutritional supplements, even though the overall safety record of these nutrients is good, whereas, once again, the medical drugs the FDA certifies as safe are killing 106,000 Americans per year.

    Physicians are trained to pay exclusive homage to peer-reviewed published drug studies. These doctors unfailingly ignore the fact that, if medical drugs are killing a million Americans per decade, the studies on which those drugs are based must be fraudulent or, at the very least, massively incompetent. In other words, the whole literature is suspect, unreliable, and impenetrable.

    At the same time, without evidence, doctors off-handedly tout their work with great confidence. Some years ago, a resident at a major New York hospital harangued me about the primacy of controlled studies. She boasted, in passing, that the hospital’s heart-bypass surgery team was considered the best in the city, and one of the best in the country. I asked her for a reference. Was her statement a combination of folk-wisdom and rumor, or was there a proper study that confirmed her opinion? A bit chagrined, she admitted it was hearsay. I was sure she would repeat her tune, however, many times.

    Claiming evidence where there is none, and denying the evidence that the medical system does great harm, are apparently part of the weave of the modern Hippocratic Oath.

  • Dr. Love’s real history interview


    Dr. George Love interviewed by Helane Lipson on his background, history and motivations for helping people. Learn how Dr. Love started his Boca Raton acupuncture and Chinese Medicine practice. Listen to how an introduction to the Dalai Lama in 1979 and Tibetan medicine motivated him to go to Acupuncture school.

  • Acupuncture Redefined


    Acupuncture Redefined


    Acupuncture is the wrong word!!!

    Ed McMahon (Yes the Million Dollar delivery Ed McMahon) had a lovely younger wife who wanted to stay young and beautiful.  Ed McMahon (God rest his soul) hated acupuncture, but his wife went every week to her acupuncturist in L.A. He waited in the car refusing to even go into the office. One day he had an asthma attack while waiting for his wife (hello smog).  Stumbling out of the car he made his way to the acupuncture office before he collapsed.  The Acupuncturist hearing the commotion immediately came to the waiting room and treated him on the floor and reviving him with two acu-pins.  That made another true believer.  Asked why he never considered acupuncture before Ed replied, it is the name, it’s terrible. Who wants to get a hundred metal objects stuck in their body like Hell Raiser. Even Time magazine’s cover issue on Acupuncture had a woman’s face with twenty needles in it. That was a complete turnoff for me.
    So what is a better name? The Chinese call it Jing Luo or meridian therapy. Meridians (luo) are the channels or pathways of electro-magnetic energy called Qi (chi). Since acu-pins are a relatively recent addition to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) it would be more proper to call it Meridian Therapy. Jing is the essence (hormones/bone marrow) along with Shen (mental activity) and Qi that are cultivated and nourished by acupuncture therapy. These are called the 3 treasures of TCM.

    Meridian Therapy has many tools.  Scraping and suction are called gwasha and cupping. Heat and pressure are called acu-moxa. Gong therapy, musical toning and tuning forks are called sound therapy. Magnet therapy and Electric stimulation instruments are more modern.  Red Light (Cold Laser) and Laser are the latest apparatus. These are all tools in the medicine bag. Acupuncture is so limiting as a word and actually turns some people off and creates fear.
    According to traditional Chinese medicine, the meridians or channels that form a network of energy pathways that link and balance the various organs. The meridians have four functions: to connect the internal organs with the exterior of the body and the person to the environment and the universe, to harmonize the yin and yang principles within the body’s organs and five substances, to distribute qi or the basic life force within the body, and to protect the body against environmental imbalances. When jing-luo are blocked, Qi and blood cannot circulate resulting in illness.


    So Look for Meridian Therapy instead of Acupuncture


  • What is your Story?


    What is your Story?

    There are only 12 stories in the world and everyone’s life is a variation of these stories.





    5. SICKNESS – MENTAL or Physical








    Your family story is Your Memory Chip (Cultural Historical Psychology).

    After you recognize it, will you allow it to define you? Your APP or attitude, perspective and perceptions

    Or will you allow it to Defeat you?! Your OS choice is your subconscious program.

    How can you change your story (program)?

    Psycho-puncture – WHY Can’t everyone make it in the world?

    3 poisons – Anger, Avoidance, Addiction

    3 Demons – Craving Power, Possession, and Perversion

    6 energy thieves – Craving Sensations

    7 Deadly Emotions – Worry, Grief, Fear, Anxiety, Suppression, Sadness, Loneliness

    4 Heart Hurts & DENIAL

    Antidote is 6 Virtues – Generosity, Ethics, Joyous Effort, Concentration, Meditation and Wisdom

    Virtues Cultivated through Medical Qi Gong Breathing, Meditation, Movement

    You can Heal your Life w/ PSYCHO-PUNCTURE &

    21 Days to LifeChange – ID of emotions, Psycho-pressure & E.R. Dance

    Change your Mind and Change your Life!

    Free Teleclass Thursday April 26, 2012

  • Chinese Proverbs


    If you want to go fast – GO ALONE
    If you want to go far – GO TOGETHER

    KNOWING where you want to go is half the challenge.
    GETTING there is half the fun.

    I know you didn’t plan to fail
    you Just Failed to plan.

  • Why Qigong is the foundational practice for healing your body/mind, heart/mind and divine/mind.


    The Ayurvedic awareness of seven chakras puts the root chakra at the perineum located at the bottom of the pelvis. This root has to do with safety and security. Without it you cannot fully function as an adult member of society. The second chakra functions as balance point for healthy sexual expression and food addiction. The Third chakra functions as the balance point for standing in your power as opposed to being controlling and manipulative. In Qigong these chakra energy flows are contained within one ball of energy that we call the lower Field of Generative Qi. The middle Field of Heart Qi contains both the Heart and Throat chakra, which speaks truth to power. The upper field of Divine Qi contains both the brow chakra and crown chakra. These flow from intuition to Divine Guidance.

    With a foundation of daily Qigong Practice you can elevate your spirit from animal nature to human nature to Divine nature. By pumping the Qi up to the pineal gland from the sacral pump, we activate both pineal and pituitary glands, thereby opening the crown chakra like Egyptian Alchemy.
    Performing Qigong consistently allows for emotional flow and prevents emotional stagnation that shows up as anger, avoidance, addiction, craving power, possessions and perversions. It shifts us from fear into unconditional LOVE. By consistently performing these movements we bring recreational sex into Sacred Sex, which in itself is spiritually elevating. In Sacred Sex there is no rapid breathing or energy depletion. Sacred Sex is unlimited by time with hearts open and no pursuit of orgasm.

    The Taoists pursue the ideal of becoming a magical being of light through the practice of Qigong. This is identical to the ancient Egyptian ideal through spiritual warrior training and the Buddhist ideal of becoming an Enlightened being as the Buddha.
    On the path to enlightenment you will gain extra sensory powers such as clairaudience and clairvoyance that may develop into your divinely guiding others.
    With Qigong as your foundation you can see where you can learn to love yourself better each day in every way. Welcome to my world.

  • It takes 20 years to Get Sick – but only 18 months to get well


    It takes 20 years to get sick! But only 18 months to get well!
    What Lifestyle are you choosing for the next 20 years?

    Detoxify & Purify with 21 Days to Wellness

    If you want to live long and strong you are choosing TaiQi Gong
    21 Days to Wellness teaches TaiQiGong

    Structure determines Function
    Your posture determines your structure
    At work – sit or stand
    In car – sit
    At home – on couch and sleep

    TaiQiGong develops better Posture & Balance

    Proper Digestion requires Balance of 4 Temperatures
    (Hot/Dry, Cold/Dry, Hot/Moist, Cold/Moist)
    & Balance of 5 Flavors
    (Salt/Sweet/Sour/Bitter/Pungent) determines Digestive Fire
    TaiQiGong Increases Digestive Fire improving digestion

    7 Emotional imbalances are Ecstasy, Hostility, Grief, Anxiety, Anger, Fear, Sadness
    TaiQiGong moves stuck emotions developing Emotional Balance

    21 Days to Wellness Starts April 21-22, 2012
    Register now only 17 seats

  • 5 Secrets they don’t want you to know about self-healing


    5 Secrets They don’t want you to know about Prevention

    #1. Food
    Federal and state governments encourage recycling of chemical waste, which saves money for industry and conserves space in hazardous-waste landfills. The substances in recycled fertilizers include cadmium, lead, arsenic, radioactive materials and dioxins. Unlike many other industrialized nations, the United States does not regulate fertilizers. That makes it virtually impossible to figure out how much fertilizer contains recycled hazardous wastes.
    Now we have toxic waste mixed with Fertilizer and spread over our farmland. This further contaminates our rivers, streams and ground water supply. We cannot avoid these poisons in our food supply. The only solution is to buy organic fruits and vegetables. If the nutrients are not in the soil then they are not in the food. Vitamins and supplements are absolutely required to maintain and prevent degenerative disease. But they must be from food source and not synthetic. Juice organic vegetables every day!
    #2. Exercise
    Exercise is important but we have resistance to moving and sweating or feel it is boring. We have resistance to buying special clothes and paying gym memberships. Exercise builds the immune system by creating an artificial fever, which kills bacteria, virus, fungus and parasites. Through sweating we eliminate toxins and clean skin. Slow moving, meditative exercise called Tai Qi Gong is so easy and fun. Can be done in a chair or standing. Tai Qi Gong exercises include knee massage, walking meditation, internal exercises, breathing and ten minutes Dancing Qi Gong every day!
    #3. Breathing
    You can go 40 days without food, 14 days without water but only 4 minutes without air. Breathing is the single most important thing you must do to stay alive. Breathing in is inspiration. Breathing out is expiration. When you breathe in your lungs expand and give your heart a hug. When you are hugged you feel good, your blood pressure lowers, heart rate slows down and nervous system becomes calm.
    7 Deep Breaths several times a day!
    #4. Emotional Balance
    Everyone suffers from stress, pain, and relationship issues. We don’t seek help because it is too difficult or too costly. We can eliminate our resistance to change, by Tapping acupressure points to break neural patterns of addiction, pain, avoidance, anger and any disease or emotional issue. Eliminate any sickness, suffering and pre-mature aging with Psycho-pressure tapping every day!
    #5. Body Tune-up
    Massage is important to blood circulation, muscle relaxation, nervous and lymphatic system.
    We feel massage is a luxury but in reality it is a necessity. We think we cannot afford massage every week when we actually can. Are you afraid to feel good or do you enjoy feeling bad? We can self-massage the ear, the face, arms, belly and legs. The ear is easy, accessible, and can be touched in public without scrutiny. Five minutes Ear Acupressure Reflexology every day!
    The face can be massaged to prevent TMJ, turkey neck, lines, wrinkles, eye bags, sinus problems, vision or hearing loss. 3 minutes Anti-Aging facial every day.
    To reduce fat Before and After each meal, Love your belly Rub every day 30x clockwise!
    Qi Gong Massage includes ear, face and belly before you get out of bed and takes nine minutes.
    Qi Gong Massage every morning!

  • What’s new at Love Chinese Medicine?


    1. Facial Rejuvenation – Microcurrent Facelift, Breast Lift and Butt lift
    2. Asian Food Therapy for Weight Loss

    3. Auricular Electrotherapy for Anxiety/Depression/Insomnia/Pain
    4. Emotional Acupuncture for Anger/Avoidance/Addiction
    5. Medical Testing for Pain (insurance reimbursable)
    6. Japanese Floor Shiatsu for Structural Integration
    7. Exercise Acupuncture for Smokers Cough, Asthma, Emphysema, COPD
    Open House October 6, 2012 3 – 5 pm

    In the height of economic anxiety Love Chinese Medicine is doing well. Why? Because we spend the time to educate our clients about how they can reduce their stress level with breathing and qigong meditation. We provide testing and measure results. We teach how to balance emotions and eliminate stuck feelings. We are the quintessence of the Science of Living and the Art of Loving. Register for free lectures and events at to stay abreast of all the great fun we have with potluck picnics, full moon drum dances, spiritual movie nights self-healing.
    This issue is on BIGU – the Chinese method of weight loss avoiding grains and performing qi gong.
    Chinese Weight Loss system – Fuqi Bigu
    Lose ten pounds in ten days – Historically effective and safe for all
    • Juice Feasting – nourishment without grains
    • Slimming Dragon Qigong – metabolic enhancer
    • Ear Magnet Reflexology – Energy balancer
    • Black Dragon Appetite suppressant tea

    Upcoming issues
    Stop Smoking


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