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  • 3 Principles by Love Chinese Medicine


    1. Principle One: Do what you love. Passion is everything. Innovation—which simply means—new ways of doing things that improve our lives—cannot flourish unless you are truly obsessed with making something better—be it a weight loss product, Acupuncture massage, Qi-Gong exercise or Chinese herbal Medicine.

    2. Principle Two: Determine what is your flight plan. You need to know where you’re going, what the ultimate destination is, and you need to inspire others, evangelists. Align with the Divine

    3. Principle Three: Kick start your brain. Creativity leads to innovative ideas. Qigong makes both halves of your brain work together creating a broad set of experiences. This expands our understanding of the human experience. A broader understanding leads to breakthroughs that others may have missed. Breakthrough innovation requires creativity and creativity requires that you think differently about…the way you think.



    What is 5 Transformations?

    5 Transformations is self-examining 5 systems of the body through 4 layers.

    The 5 Systems are Digestive, Respiratory, Hormonal, Immune and Circulatory.

    The 4 Layers are Physical Balance, Herbal Food Therapy, Emotional Balance and Spiritual Balance.

    Physical Balance is re-learning how to breathe, walk and internal exercise with Medical Qi-Gong and when to eat, rest and sleep. Herbal Food Therapy is the knowledge of how to extract life energy from food, water, air and the earth, take vitamins and supplements. Emotional Balance is the role of emotions and how they flow to prevent being stuck in anger, fear, sadness, grief or worry. Spiritual Connection is elevating your animal nature to human nature to Divine nature with drumming and dancing using light, sound, rhythm and movement to restore your Balance.

    5 Transformations is 5 different weekend workshops that teaches juice feasting and how to self-diagnose and self-treat through 4 Chambers that Protect the Heart and continues for three weekly follow-up sessions.

    The 4 Chambers are Spleen, Lung, Kidneys and Liver.

    5 Transformations are:
    Sept. 21-23 repeats May 2013 – Awakening the Spirit/Body – Blue Dragon Qi Gong

    October 19-21 repeats March 2013 – Purify the Body/Mind – Bigu Energized Fasting

    November 16-18 repeats April – Transcend the Spirit/Mind – Drumming Meditation & Emotional Release E.R. Dance

    January 18-20 repeats June- Align with the Divine/Mind – Medicine Buddha Meditation

    Feb. 2013 repeats in July  – Balance the Heart/Mind – Psycho-Puncture/Pressure & Soul Retrieval Dance

    We have 3 follow-up sessions after each weekend to reverse your co-created dis-ease and the aging process, restore your sex drive and energy levels and regulate your sleep/wake cycles.

    5 Transformations is the start to Life Redesigned. Tangible results are discernible in as little as three days. However, it often takes 6 -18 months for average health and longer for poor health.

    If I can’t make time for this group 5 Transformations can I start by myself?
    Yes, we teach self-healing courses, retreats, and workshops.

    How do I sign up for these self-healing courses?
    Join Blue Dragon Qi-Gong Academy for:
    • Advanced Medical Qi-Gong & Ear Reflexology
    • Food Therapy and Herbal Nutrition
    • Psycho-pressure
    • Meridian Qigong

    To enroll in Blue Dragon Qi-Gong Academy call 561-450-5204.

  • Dr. Love is a Heart Protector


    Dr. Love is the Heart Protector
    Teaching you how to Govern your Heart

    – *M.I.N.D. the 4Bodies – Physical/Nutritional/Emotional/Spiritual
    MENTAL Mind/Body –Qi-Gong – Breathing, Meditation and Internal Exercise
    IMAGE Visual/Nutrition – Food Therapy – 4 Fruits/5 Veggies, 4 Humors/5 Flavors
    NATURE Psycho/Emotional –Psycho-puncture/pressure Heart Balancing
    DIVINE Spiritual Philosophy – Drum/Dance, Insight Meditation, Prayer/Affirmation

    4 Chambers to your House of Health

    *M.E.N.D. the 4 Organ/Filters that protect the heart
    – Liver/Spleen/Kidneys/Lungs –

    MEDITATION – KIDNEY – filter all fluids Sweating
    EXERCISE – LIVER –filter blood QIGONG EXERCISE Internal/External
    NUTRITION –SPLEEN – lymph system filters toxins Cleanse Digestive Organs
    DANCE – LUNGS – filter oxygen to purify blood Open Skin Pores

    Nutritional health – Asian Food Therapy
    Physical health – Blue Dragon Qigong
    Emotional health – Psycho-puncture
    Spiritual health – Drum/Dance

    Register for Retreats- Qigong Sept. 21-23 & Purify Oct. 19-21

    – 21 Days to Life Redesigned
    3Weeks to Self-Worth -after Heart/mind Retreat
    21Days to Wellness -after Body/mind Retreat
    21Day Qi Cultivation-after Immortal Qigong Retreat
    21Days Spirit Rise -after TranscenDance

  • Prevention is the only Cure!


    5 Secrets They don’t want you to know about Prevention

    #1. Food
    Legally, we have toxic waste mixed with Fertilizer and spread over our farmland. This contaminates our rivers, streams and ground water supply. We cannot avoid these poisons in our food supply. The only solution is to buy organic fruits and vegetables. If the nutrients are not in the soil then they are not in the food. Vitamins and supplements are absolutely required to maintain and prevent degenerative disease. But they must be from food source and not synthetic.
    Juice organic vegetables every day after Qi-Gong!

    #2. Breathing
    You can go 40 days without food, fourteen days without water but only 4 minutes without air. So the most important thing you can do is breathe. When you take a deep breath your lungs expand and you are giving your heart a hug. A hug calms you down, slows your heart rate and lowers blood pressure. Take ten Deep Breaths several times a day! Learn Qi-Gong breathing

    #3. Exercise
    Exercise is important but we have resistance to moving and sweating or feel it is boring. We have resistance to buying special clothes and paying gym memberships. Exercise builds the immune system by creating an artificial fever, which kills bacteria, virus, fungus and parasites. Through sweating we eliminate toxins and clean skin. Slow moving, meditative exercise called Tai Qi Gong is so easy and fun. Can be done in a chair or standing. Tai Qi Gong exercises include Soft Bouncing, walking meditation, swing arms, internal exercises, breathing and Dancing.
    Qi Gong exercise every day 42 minutes!

    #4. Body Tune-up
    Massage is important to blood circulation, muscle relaxation, nervous and lymphatic system.
    We feel massage is a luxury but in reality it is a necessity. We want to but think we cannot afford massage every week. Are you afraid to feel good or do you enjoy feeling bad? We can self-massage the ear, the face, arms, belly and legs. The ear is easy, accessible, and can be touched in public without scrutiny. Ear Acupressure Reflexology five 5 minutes every day!
    The face can be massaged to prevent TMJ, turkey neck, lines/wrinkles, eye bags, sinus problems, vision or hearing loss. Anti-Aging facial 3 minutes every day. To reduce fat and increase digestion, Rub your belly every day! 30x clockwise Before and After each meal
    Qi Gong Massage includes ear, face and belly before you get out of bed and takes nine minutes.
    Qi Gong Massage every morning before Qi-Gong!

    #5. Emotional Balance
    Everyone suffers from stress, pain, and relationship issues. We don’t seek help because it is too difficult or too costly. We can eliminate our resistance to change. Tapping acupressure points break neural patterns of addiction, pain, avoidance, anger and any disease or emotional issue. Eliminate any sickness, suffering and pre-mature aging with Psycho-pressure tapping every day after Qi-Gong!

  • Facial Diagnosis & Anti-Aging Facial


    Learn Facial Self-assessment at Life redesigned- 3Day retreat to prepare for 3Weeks to Wellness.

    We also teach Anti-Aging Facials and Ear Reflexology Massage.

    Anti-Aging FACIAL – Ear, face and head
    To stimulate 5 senses and restore hearing, vision, smell, taste and touch

    1 & 2 rub hands to Put chi into ears front and back
    3 Pull Lobe with anti-tragus 10x
    4 Press Chest cavity index fingertip10x
    5 Press Abdominal with fingertip10x
    6 press Pelvic cavity fingertip10x
    7 Pull down Auricle edge w/ fingertip10x
    8 Rub up Intertragic notch with anti helix w/ fingertip10x
    9 Pinch-pull ear flap (Tragus) w/fingertip10x
    10 Rub up Back of ear with thumb to lower blood pressure groove

    Eyes -five eye points
    Rub hands for friction to stimulate heat (chi) Press palm to eyes
    press thumbs into inner upper border of eye socket, center upper border,
    outer border, press lower border with flat of index finger, press tear duct

    middle finger press nasolabial groove & index finger press LI 20 – both fingers
    16x with mouth open press middle finger next to ear & index finger in back of jaw,
    circle jaw eight times right and left

    Mental clarity
    thumbs on temples pull apart forehead 8x
    vigorous massage side of head 20 times
    tap fingers base of skull 20 times
    clasp fingers behind neck – pull left knee up to touch right elbow and reverse 16x

    click teeth 32 times
    swish mouth 4x and swallow
    pluck front neck muscle right and left 16x
    rub belly 20 times before and after each meal

  • Tongue Diagnosis is a way to see into your body


    This thousands of years old technique was developed to determine dampness, dryness, internal het or cold and blood stagnation. When you come to the 3Day retreat you will learn to self assess your own tongue.

  • Cancer is expensive, Healthcare is cheap



    How do you vote with you Dollars?


    In my opinion, except for these emotional and spiritual considerations, the other most significant reason for the occurrence of cancer today – is the current abuse of medicine by the medical community. This is counter to the physician’s primary adage – “to do no harm.” This situation has evolved and slipped in under the radar of our awareness. We must become more alert.

    Since the seventeenth century birth of anatomy and biology, the idea of separating spirit and body has been dominant in western medicine’s development. In the twentieth century as civilization progresses, modern western medical theory is being perfected day by day. Many kinds of diagnosis and treatment methods have emerged. Attempting to keep up with the pace of change has seriously impacted the regular life rhythms and produced a hurried and stressed environment. Attention is no longer being paid to the ancient Chinese knowledge that: “Heaven and humans are one and body and spirit are one”. There must be a balance of Yin and Yang inside the body and the body must be treated holistically. Western medicine still approaches healing through isolated symptoms. It addresses the headache to cure the head and the foot ache to cure the foot and by prescribing a few tablets or injections is able to achieve an immediate effect.

    More and more patients realize nowadays, that there are far too many doctors that merely inquire about a patient’s illness and then prescribe medicine and injections immediately. They do not treat the illness holistically. Over time this has serious consequences because there is great potential that the immune system will not only be suppressed – but actually destroyed. The body’s own innate defensive capability toward external illness is lowered over time with continued drug use. Thus the human body – an efficient little universe – experiences great destruction to its ecosystem balance.

    The cancer cell takes advantage at this weak point, to enter and build up a “kingdom of cancer”. Cancer literally blooms in the body. These cancers that occur from spiritual element, yin-yang maladjustment and the whole immune system running at a low level have not made us wake up. People still expect physicochemical and biochemical methods to kill cancer. Indeed, I don’t deny that vaccines, antibiotics and bio-preparations have provided a great service to humanity. They have in fact helped to cure many infectious diseases that are seriously harmful.

    Yet we must clearly realize that these medicines also bring about serious side effects. Over one thousand years ago the founder of Ch’an, Shaolin Martial Arts and Zen, Damo, explicitly pointed out “Do not mention drugs when curing illness, because there are real and false drugs, and in addition drugs have negative side effects. Even though illness is relieved, poisons from the drugs are still left in the body and occasionally due to other factors, such as diet or weather changes, one can fall ill with another disease.” Therefore those who cultivate themselves with the disciplines of Qigong and Taoism must refrain from drug usage and guide their own innate ability to heal themselves. Just as people have seriously damaged the earth’s ecological balance to satisfy their own desires, nature certainly will act with cruel revenge. The human body, the small universe, cannot escape the punishment brought about by abusing drugs and breaking the body’s ecological balance.

    Cancer happens when the whole body’s immunity system is low or sometimes even lost. Modern medical science however, still uses the method of “headache to cure head and foot ache to cure foot”. It is also common for many clinics – “to see the cancer but not the person.” The emphasis in medical treatment presently is on how to destroy the tumor. The requirement to arouse the patient’s whole potential and innate abilities to kill the cancer cells naturally has been completely ignored. As the direction is wrong, many types of chemicals and radiotherapy are used to attempt to destroy the tumors, as the patient now requires this. I don’t deny that chemicals and radiotherapy have some ability to kill tumors, but the drugs being used to restrain and kill the cancer cells are at the same time killing normal body cells. In particular, the marrow haematogenous cells and gastric mucosa epithelia are the most heavily damaged. Also, the thymus lymphocytes and white blood cells, which are the body’s most important defense, suffer long and serious damaging influences after chemical radiotherapy.

    This treatment, through not distinguishing between which is the enemy and which is the friend of the body, causes much damage and lowers the body’s immunity or even wipes it out completely. It is so serious, that the patient’s weak spirit defenses can collapse after chemical-radiotherapy; this then causes the whole body apparatus to give up and die quickly.

    We offer Medical Qi-Gong Therapy, breathing exercises and Food therapy to cultivate self-healing energies.

  • Register 5TRANSFORMATIONS – 3Day Retreat



    – 3Day Retreats

    with 21Day program follow thru

    Sept. 21-23/May – Awakening the Spirit/Body – Blue Dragon Qigong

    21Day Qi Cultivation-after Immortal Qigong Retreat

    October 19-21/March – Purify the Body/Mind – Bigu Qigong

    21Days to Wellness –after Body/mind Retreat

    November 16-18/April – Transcend the Spirit/Mind – Zhongdo / E.R.Dance

    21Days Spirit Rise –after TranscenDance

    January 18-20 /June- Align with the Divine/Mind – Medicine Buddha

    21Days to Spiritual Elevation –after Divine Align

    Feb. 15-17/July 20-22- Balance the Heart/Mind –Soul Retrieval

    3Weeks to Self-Worth –after Heart/mind Retreat

  • D. George Love is full of Chi and so can you


    Chi or more properly spelled Qi, is the electro-magnetic energy that flows through your body like blood flows through your veins. Qi is the basis of life and movement. Gong is the mastery of your energy. Meridian Qigong is a moving meditation that self heals through the acupuncture meridians. There are five sources of your personal Qi. First is your ancestral energy, or the energy your mother and father had at the moment of your conception. Then comes energy from the sun and the earth. Human beings are superconductors of electro-magnetic radiation from the earth and sun. Food and water is called nourishing Qi. Lastly, fresh air or breath, which is the literal meaning of the word Qi, is your immediate accessible source. Re-learning how to breathe increases Qi. Adding movement to the breathing exercises expands capabilities of Qi. Meditating while doing breathing exercises quiets the mind, relaxes the nervous system and stimulates the self healing mechanism.

    In 1994 Dr. Love, aka Zhenwu became the lineage holder of Lung Qing Qigong, an authentic family style of moving medical qigong. In 1999 Zhenwu carefully rewrote the description of the exercises from his Qigong Master with a new understanding of how the Qi circulates in the process of healing. It is external as it has self defense capabilities and internal as it is self-healing to organs. Qigong is appropriate for anyone over age thirty who wants to have more energy and mental clarity. Medical Qigong can restore youthful vigor and sexual vitality. Qi-Gong is used in hospitals in China to treat cancer, diabetes and chronic degenerative disease. Dr. Love’s clinical experience shows Qi-Gong is successful in treating heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, auto-immune disease (AIDS), Chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, neck, back and shoulder pain. For more on his twenty-three year background and history visit

    Master Lee compelled Zhenwu to teach his authentic family Qigong so that it will live on healing millions and millions. Dr. Love has written two pertinent books on the subject. Meridian Qi Gong and 12 Weeks to S.H.I.E.L.D. Your Immune system.

    For the last ten years, Zhenwu has been teaching Medical Qigong morning classes at Boca beach. He is now accepting students who wish to become instructors. Morning classes are free to patients of Dr. Love. Evening classes are taught in Boca Raton by appointment only. Book and video are available. To join the Medical Qigong instructor class, call Dr. Love at 561-502-6200 or

  • Dr. George Love will make you a Physician in your Kitchen


    George Love will make you a Physician in your Kitchen

    His patients and friends will be the first to proclaim that he cooks delicious Vegetarian meals that are healthy. Food became George’s first passion as he learned the difference between a gourmet and a gourmand. Learning to cook from his grandmother at age ten because a disabling fall sidelined his mother for a year was an opportune event. His father was a chemistry teacher and he spent a lot of time experimenting with food and chemicals. Those early experiments paid off. The one who stirs the pot is not a chef. A chef is a visionary who experiments with flavors, colors and textures. The more mistakes you make the better you get. The second lesson was becoming macrobiotic while he was in acupuncture school and he later married one of the top macrobiotic chefs in New York who cooked for Gloria Swanson. She also cooked for many cancer patients who went into remission. He absorbed her Macrobiotic cooking for three years before becoming proficient in vegetarian cooking. Teaching cooking classes at the Imhotep Center for Preventive medicine for five years he incorporated Chinese Dietetics and Ayurvedic nutrition. Along the way he learned the Pritikin Plan, Natural Hygiene and Gerson Therapy.

    After a painful divorce he gained twenty pounds and moved to Florida where he met his future wife, another gourmet vegetarian chef. His third lesson began when she healed him with her food in less than a year. She began to work at his acupuncture clinic and together they applied the knowledge of herbal medicine to food. The clinic and school became the premier learning institution for food therapy, The Kitchen Physician School of Natural Healing. Dr. Love authored The Kitchen Physicians Guide to Fasting & Internal Cleansing in 1985, You Won’t Find Love in the Refrigerator in 1997 and The Kitchen Physicians Guide to Food Therapy in 2004.

    When the state of Florida, in its infinite wisdom decided not to license any more nutritionists, Dr. Love decided to teach Food Therapy and eventually certify people in Juice Feasting, Vegetarian cooking and Raw Food preparation. If you would like to upgrade your skills or learn how to make money with food you can register for one of Dr. Love’s Vegetarian cooking classes or the certification program by calling 4 Doors to Health @ 561-502-6200

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